Interviewing with a director

Director Chong's experience is very interesting, we have to learn from him.

A Director’s background
November 12, 2020 App Interview

My Cinematic Storytelling professor answers some questions about the filmmaking as he looks back into his career.

Movies: Discussing the Shortcomings and Future of the Film Industry

Today we discuss the topic of misrepresentation in movies, as well as how the future of film can improve. The conversation is hosted by Kayani Jaramillo, a college freshman majoring in Mass Communications, and includes her mother, Enigma Gomez-Herradura.

Movie Talk with Generation X

I (Rhyann Clark) interview my dad (Damon Clark) about movies back when he was a kid vs now


Jon Forman recalls how he came to study, appreciate, and celebrate film at Case Western Reserve University, and how his appreciation led to a now internationally known FilmFest.

A talk with a Filmmaker

An interview with Quek Shio Chuan on film making and technology

A talk with a Taiwanese Film Director

It's an interview about how a film director about his point of view and his pieces of advices to the Broadcasting students in UTAR.

Fritzi Huber and Bobby Huber

Siblings Fritzi Huber (71) and Bobby Huber (70) share a conversation about growing up in the circus, their parents, and about the first time they celebrated Halloween.

Chicago in Film: A History

Film Critic talks the History of Film in Chicago and Chicago in Film

Jasmine Golphin Interview for CIFF42

Young filmmaker Jasmine Golphin talks about leading a group of local teen females through a CIFF program that helps them identify roles THEY might want to play in the film industry.

Nolan Lampson

Nolan Lampson is a high schooler at West Linn High school, with an interest in film, writing, broadcast. He has his own blog for reviewing movies, has worked on projects with small business and has made his own silent films....

Frank Gravatt: His Views on life and the film industry

My dad and I sit down for 40 minutes discussing why he chose making movies and his views on his life and things going on around him.


WKSU's Director of External Affairs and Communications, Sandra Morgan, said an enthusiastic 'yes' when the Cleveland International Film Festival asked her to join their Board of Trustees. She explains why in a conversation with Dee Perry.

Interview With James Earnest

Interview with James Earnest regarding his childhood and time film making during the cold war.

Perception of Media from a Father and Son

Andrés Fontán interviews his father W. Carmelo Fontán about how they have consumed media such as TV and Film throughout their lives, while also talking about mindfully consuming media in today’s day in age.

Inside the Mind of Mendoza

Alex Mendoza sits down and talks about his youth, struggles, and ways he copes with being an only child.

Ford Weiner interviews David Weiner

Ford Weiner interviews his father who talks about what he wanted to do when he would grow up, and the job he has today.

Adelaide Crnko Interview at CIFF42

Addie explains how CIFF changed the way she views the world.

Movies and life

In this interview, conducted in November 25th 2018 in Chicago, Illinois, Jack O’Connell (16) interviews his family friend and land lord Mark Mckealvy (64) about cinema and raising children. Mr. Mckealvy shares his book idea on raising children on movies...

Embrace Curiosi-Dee

Interviewer Dee Perry discusses the 42nd Annual Cleveland International Film Festival, exploring it from the points of view of filmmakers, volunteers, and visitors.

English Interview

This was an interview with my dad about his opinions on the world and issues. His opinions do not necessarily reflect mine.