Joy with filmmaker Alex Orea

Joy and inspiration

Adverse Circumstances

In this interview, 15-year old, Devyn Hunter interviews her dad, Paul Hunter about his childhood in the year 1977 in Pacoima, California. Paul speaks about growing up in Pacoima and what his childhood was like growing up. Where he lived...

2018 Art Action Day – Elif Refig “Art is essential to democracy to fight its tendencies towards fascism.”

In preparation for the 2018 Art Action Day, the Artists at Risk Connection (ARC) of PEN America interviewed Elif Refig, a Turkish filmmaker from Istanbul who now resides in New York. We spoke with Elif about the role of art...

Maria del Rosario Perez and Shaneice "Taylor" Buckley

Friends Maria del Rosario Perez (67) and Shaneice “Taylor” Buckley (22) discuss their journeys as filmmakers. They also talk about Femme Frontera, disabilities, and current projects, and they share the advice they would like to give to women and people...

interview with Justin Cross

Today, I interviewed my friend, Justin Cross (19). We talked about what he’s learned in life and his plans for the future.

Sonya Rosario and Venus Prado

Friends Sonya Rosario (64) and Venus Prado (51) discuss Sonya's return to San Antonio after living away for 35 years. They discuss Sonya's career as a filmmaker, memories, and share wisdom for future generations to come.

Making Waves Filmmaker

I great to meet her and hope will meet her again

Women in Filmmaking

Angie Reza Tures talks about filmmaking and her experiences, along with the message and mission that Femme Frontera offers to young filmmakers especially women of color. She not only shares her vison as a storyteller in film but also what...

Myyuh and Hany Osman

New friends Myyuh (31) and Hany Osman (33) talk about their work in music and film. They reflect on their early experiences with art, on what makes a place home, and on building community in New York City.