RMC Interview Project
February 23, 2020 App Interview

My interviewee told us briefly about his work experience and his field of work. We discussed goals, what drives him, obstacles faced among other things

Hortencia "Bonita" Esrael and Walter "Craig" Esrael

Hortencia "Bonita" Esreal (63) speaks with their husband Walter "Craig" Esrael (65) on Bonita's childhood, their educational and professional journeys, and the story of how they met and started a family together.

Finance, Education, and New Experiences – An Interview with My Dad

My dad has always told me various stories about his life as a trader now and as a professor in the past. We discuss practical advice about investing, the experiences that shaped his trading strategies, America in the 90s, and...

Eric Litwiller and Donald Samuelson

One Small Step Partners conversation Eric Litwiller (48) and Donald "Don" Samuelson (66) take an hour to discuss religion, fatherhood, forgiveness, and their careers in Wichita.

Managing Money

Me asking my mother on how she managed her money and how she would like to see me do it

Susan Stover and C Campbell

One Small Step partners Susan Stover (67) and C Campbell (53) realize they have many parallels in their lives as they talk through their experiences losing their husbands, discuss banned books, and find common ground in their shared perspective on...

Shelia Shelton and her Son (Rodney Shelton) discuss her journey working in Finance!

This was an interview discussing the beautiful journey of Shelia Shelton. Her mindset has gotten stronger over the years which has benefited her in many ways. The Finance Industry has opened many opportunities for her. It has allowed her to...

Adel Masunda and Anibiko Koosa

[Recorded Monday, July 17, 2023] Adel (25) and Anibiko (30) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville. Adel is from Zimbabwe with a background on Forensic Auditing and Accounting and enjoys empowering youth to engaging in politics. Anibiko is...

Callaway’s finance

Callaway tells me about his financial decisions

Liz Gamboa and Jake Foreman

Coworkers Liz Gamboa (61) and Jake Foreman (35) reflect on their experiences working in finance with New Mexico Community Capital.

Business Finance Interview with Adelaine Arias

Interview with Fidelity Insurance agent Adelaine Arias about day to Day operations at Fidelity Insurance.

Nikolas Stankovic & John Rodden

John Rodden is a father to Noah Rodden, a very good friend of Nick. Growing up, John has been like a second father to Nick and offered him tons of advice growing up. Although he is very soft spoken he...

Kenneth Sharrock and Leslie Kaplan

One Small Step partners Kenneth Sharrock (60) and Leslie Kaplan (56) talk about religion, ancestry, and the guiding influences of their political beliefs.

What is means to be successful

Keith explains his life and how his actions have changed his financial life.

22 Years of Teaching with Mrs. Scioletti!

Mrs. Scioletti is the SHS business/finance teacher and has had huge amounts of experience and I wanted to know more about her story and how she came to be a teacher at my high school.

My Pops, David R. Seely

I interview my dad, David Seely (71). I’m his son, Marc (44) I have had Parkinson’s for the past ten years and wanted to take this opportunity to sit down and chat with him about his life and life’s work...

Arthur Mills IV and Sarah Krauss

Arthur Mills IV (48) shares a conversation with new friend Sarah Krauss (32) about his experience at the University of Texas, the community at the University and the McCombs School of business, and his career path.

Me and my mother discuss the Great Recession.
November 2, 2018 App Interview

We have a short interview about what the Great Recesion was and how it affected my mom.

Parent interview

An interview with my mother about personal finance and how she manages her money.

Robert Menchaca’s Army Reserve Audit

Robert Menchaca, a financial consultant for the US government, unveils his experience with the 2012-2013 audit for the US Army Reserves. He describes his role and involvement with the government and the audit itself, as well as the implications it...