Cristian Arencibia’s family research podcast from Cortez’s p.5

I’ve learned somewhat about my moms past life in Cuba but i didn’t get too deep into it.

My Dad’s Cool part 1

Listen to the two other parts, this was fun ( there were audio issues)

December 25, 2018 App Interview

I talked about the 1970’s and asked opinions on what happened.

Dad interview

Interviewed my dad at life and thoughts questions.

Historical Interview Project

Dan talks about his experiences with war, segregation, the pandemic, and offers some advice for future generations.

Interview with my Mom

This is an interview chatting with my mom, who grew up in England in the 70’s. She had a very different life to how I grew up moving around in the late 90’s-2000’s.

Louisville Busing Riots 1975

We talked about the 1975 busing riots in Louisville, Kentucky and how it played a role in my mothers life, upbringing and how she was affected by it

The 1970’s

During the interview, my grandmother and I talked about technology during the 70’s, fashion, and some of th main events that took place during the 70’s

Interview with my mother Ann Wray

We talked about my mom's grandparents and the love of her life and so on lol

Growing up in Maoist China

My mom grew up in China during the Great Leap Forward. In this interview I ask about her experiences growing up there.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

In this audio I interview my mom Marisol Aparicio, listen as she opens up to me about her past and her future

Conversation with Nannay

a simple conversation with a grandmother. she shares times when she was younger, friends she had along the way, and advice for the future (my grandmother apologizes for the long pauses of thinking and reminiscing)

Working in Another Language

Despite being in Japan for the earthquake in 2011, Gerald Hirshberg doesn't tell that story, because stories of interacting with the place and the people are far more earthshattering. In November of 2017, Kate Hirshberg interviewed her grandfather, Gerald 'Jerry'...

Kim’s Story
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Kim talks about how her childhood back in the later 20th century. She goes back and takes a look back on who she was and what she was like.

9/11 and the Polish folk

Paolo Pesce speaks to PJ Pesce about 9/11. During the interview, PJ talks about friends that were in New York at the time, where he was, and much more! This interview was recorded on 1/6/20. Paolo was 15, and PJ...

Natalie Miller interviews her mother Sharon Miller about her life experiences.

Interview conducted in Massillon, Ohio on November 27, 2017. The life experiences of Sharon Miller (age 48) and her perspective growing up. Interviewed by her daughter Natalie Miller (age 14). She explains what is important to her, and others she...

My dad interview

Where he grew up and talk about his parents and grandparents

Unplanned Immigration

“We had to flee. We didn’t plan it, just in a matter of two hours we were out of the country.” My name is Puzant Kiwanian and I am 15 years old. The story you will hear in this recording...

Markus’s interview with his grandpa

We talked about his life and questions that you wouldn’t really ask your grandpa so im happy i asked !

My Grandma’s Interesting Perspective on Modern History

The interview covers my Grandma's perspective on her life and important events of recent history including The Civil Rights Movement, Feminism, JFK's Assasination, and 9/11.

Attitude of Gratitude Nair

Today I talked with my dad about what he is thankful for, how he changed as a person, and what are the things he likes to do.