Mickayla Adams – Mush Final Project
May 23, 2022 App Interview

Interview with Michael Adams about his career in firefighting

The Chaplain during the pandemic

Today I speak with police, fire and FBI chaplain about how he got to his position and what his job looks like. We also drift into the spiritual and how it applies to his work.

My dad

Interviewing my dad, who shows integrity, wisdom, and courage.

Truth of a First Responder

Diving into the world of a first responder. Learning the truth, hearing stories, and seeing development from firefighter Deputy Chief Richard Griffin.

My dad and all his careers

A story of all the jobs that my dad had had over the years. As well as all the lessons he has learned through the years. Listen to minutes 7 to 10.

Fighting Fires

My grandpa talks about his experiences and lessons from being a firefighter.

My Stepfather’s time in fire service

Michael Koonce’s service in the fire department and how it impacted him later in life

My pap as a fire chief.

My Pap will be taking about his life as a child and how he became a fire chief.


Simi and Hadas interview Teaneck firemen

Charlie Core Interview

Learning more about my grandfathers life.

Tom’s Thoughts

My father talked about my childhood and his personal/professional life.

Firefighter reflects on his second chance in life after serving in the Navy

In his 25 years of life, Hector has gone through a lot. Especially from the time he was old enough to enlist. His life was almost taken away from him - he would argue it was completely torn apart -...

Working in the Fire Department Service

This interview is about the life of working in the fire department service, and what benefits it has. It also describes what happens in the job, and how it works.

Interview with my Unique Grandpa
November 30, 2017 App Interview

In this interview I talked about the influential jobs that made the man my grandfather the man he is today and what he has learned from them

Story Corps Interview

I interviewed my dad about his life as a volunteer firefighter