Gloria Dunn-Violin and Donald Violin

Gloria Dunn-Violin (81) speaks with her husband, Donald Violin (87) about the similarities in the ways they grew up, both as first generation Jewish-Americans, and the way they came into one another's lives later in life.

A True American

From travel bans to building walls, immigration in the U.S. has been a hot topic of discussion in 2017. In Los Angeles, on November 26, 2017, Will Iger interviewed his family friend Cesar Vasquez. Will asked Cesar about his childhood,...

Learning to Embrace My Roots and Culture

Brenda Genium talks to Betsy Stone about her experience being a daughter to Brazilian immigrants and first generation college student. Brenda describes the transformation in her perspective from once desperately wanting to fit in to typical American standards, to now...

A Conversation Between Coworkers: Lili & Abby

Abby (currently earning a Master of Social Work) interviews Lili (currently earning a M.A. in Counseling). In this segment, Lili discusses how her understanding of her family’s migration changed as she grew up.

Emily and Art talk about Art’s life

My grandfather is the son of Polish immigrants, and on March 19, 2016, I interviewed him during a family reunion in Seattle about his adventurous life growing up in New York City, and working in the Arctic as a geologist.

Dr. Anadeli Bencomo and Rafael Valadez

Rafael Valadez [no age given] interviews his friend and colleague Dr. Anadeli Bencomo (57) about her early life in Venezuela, her love of reading, and her career path into literature.

Ameya King and Andrea Williams

One Small Step partners Ameya King (31) and Andrea Williams [no age given] talk about their childhoods in Singapore, cultural differences, and their families.

Marlene Ceragno and Gerald Schweibel

Marlene Ceragno (66) and her friend Gerald "Jerry" Schweibel (89) share how they are involved at the Kaplen Jewish Community Center, where they serve seniors and young children, respectively. They also discuss their family histories, being involved in their community,...

“What was your experience coming to the United States?”

To get a better opportunity for himself, Pasquale DiBari Sr. had to emigrate from his friends and family in Italy and immigrate to America. Throughout his journey, he endured many hardships and struggles, but it was all worth it in...

Real interview – A legacy #APUSHinterview #mom

My mom and I talked about many things including her experience being a first generation American, her job, any regrets, and how she would like to be rememebered.

Ed Poll

My mother and father being immigrants — my being first generation american

Thanksgiving 2018

Given the current political climate, what was it like growing up in a first generation American family

“It’s what you are doing while you’re here”

First generation kids, William Nguyen and Johnny Sundara, talk about their family beginnings. The two talk about the hardships that their family took on in order to find a new life in America. They are humbled by the sacrifices their...

Lawrence Meisel and Daniel Israel

One Small Step conversation partners Lawrence "Larry" Meisel (70) and Daniel "Dan" Israel (55) discuss their views on foreign and domestic policy and their experiences that shaped their views.