Jonathan Villafuerte and Jimmy Mendoza Hernandez

Jimmy Mendoza Hernandez (18) and his mentor Jonathan Villafuerte (34) share about how they got to know each other through an education fellowship and also compare experiences as first generation college students. Jonathan also shares his dreams for Jimmy's future.

Michael Floyd and Melissa Price

One Small Step partners Michael Floyd (54) and Melissa Price (57) talk about the challenging circumstances that they lived through as children, the formation of their belief systems, and their relationships with faith.

Brian Lorio and Maria Melendez

Brian C. Lorio, lecturer in Speech, Communication and Theater Arts, at Borough of Manhattan Community College, reflects with now former student, Maria Melendez, about their Spring 2023 public speaking class and other related issues to college student and being a...

Carole Goldsmith and Estefania Avalos Chavez

One Small Step conversation partners Carole Goldsmith (57) and Estefania Avalos Chavez (20) talk about the important role education has played in their lives, the role of advocacy in their communities, and the importance of equity and inclusion to achieve...

Interview with Diego Ramirez

In this interview, I interviewed my friend Diego (24) who also goes to SFSU. He is a first generation student who is also a STEM major. He speaks about his background up until now in his life.

Interview with Kimberly

I interviewed Kimberly (23) about her experience navigating college as a first-generation Latina.

Helen Dashney and Mario McLean

Helen Dashney: 2020-06-24 19:39:24 Helen Dashney (70) and Mario McLean (26) discuss the relationship between them that started as Professor/Student at Michigan State University, but became a lifelong friendship that is now 9 years in the making. They talk about...

David Bautista Gonzalez and Daniel Dominguez

One Small Step conversation partners David Bautista Gonzales (21) and Daniel Dominguez (43) dive into their different lived experiences. They find commonalities in their experiences growing up in Mexican-American culture and understanding the bittersweetness of being a first generation college...

Monica Goetz and Philip Goetz

Phillip Goetz (47) interviews his wife, Monica Goetz (44), about her experiences as a student and staffer at the McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin. She shares her family’s history and connection to the university,...

Rosalba Zaremba and Vilma Sierra

Rosalba "Rosa" Zaremba (29) and her colleague Vilma Sierra [no age given] discuss their organization Mexican Alliance of New Jersey and the importance of supporting underserved students.

Daisy Montes and Melissa Benitez Lopez

Coworkers Daisy Montes (26) and Melissa Benitez Lopez (22), who are academic advisors at KIPP schools in Northern California, talk about their journeys as first generation college students, reflect on how they approach their work, and remember their time as...

Leticia Acosta and Judith Lima

Judith Lima (25) shares a conversation with her mentor, Leticia Acosta (44), about participating in Subiendo Academy at the University of Texas, her experience in college, and the value of community and mentorship.

Bob Pearson and Carlos Rodriguez

[Recorded: Friday, November 19th, 2021] Bob Pearson (70) and Carlos Rodriguez (20) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Bob is an Air Force veteran and Carlos is a second-year student at UVA. Bob grew up in a...

Dustin "Dusty" Schroeder and Katherine "Kathy" Vega

Dustin "Dusty" Schroeder (34) speaks to his research advisee Katherine "Kathy" Vega (28) about their shared experience as first-generation college students, how he developed an interest in science, his mentors, and his work in ice-penetrating radar.

Andrea RamosRomero interview with Erika Roman

Interview with Erika Roman (51) who is a San Francisco State Alumni. In this interview, Erika discusses her experience as a first generation Latina college student and the organizations she was a part of during her time at San Francisco...

First Generation College Student

Audrey Anguiano (16) interviews her dad, Oscar Anguiano (44), about his college process as a first generation college student. He discusses the challenges he faced during this stressful process.

Kathleen Knoth and Kerry Callegari

Sisters Kathleen Knoth (65) and Kerry Lynn Callegari (67) discuss their careers, the University of New Mexico Taos Library, and their experiences as first-generation college students.

Charles Enriquez and Caroline Enriquez

Spouses, Charles Enriquez (46) and Caroline Enriquez (46), celebrate their wedding anniversary by reflecting on their personal history, children, work, and partnership.

Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice

[Recorded October 7th, 2021] Diana Moreno and Marquis Rice, both undergraduate students at the University of Virginia, have a One Small Step conversation. They discuss their family backgrounds, Marquis's military service, being a first generation college student, and how their...

Beth Norton and Sara Kennedy

Beth Norton (37) and her aunt Sara Kennedy (66) reflect on the challenges they have faced, and the importance of support from loved ones.