Jose Arreguin and Sonia Arreguin

Jose Arreguin (51) and his wife Sonia Arreguin (48) talk about their longtime friendship that developed into a relationship and then marriage. They also talk about their wedding, being parents and about their only daughter.

Meeting my husband

My mom and I sit down and talk about when she and my dad met for the first time and their wedding day.

Rebecca Romo and James McKeever

Rebecca Romo (37) talks with her husband James McKeever (55) about what brings them together. They share recollections of growing up in low income areas and how they kept strong, pushed forward, and both ended up pursuing careers as professors...

Meeting the Parents

Dads parents interviewed about first time they met my mother.

My Lovely Grandma

Wilma Smith (83) talks about her pets, childhood, parenting, and values. Get it here first from the cutest grandmother - a beloved friend to all who enjoys baking and spending time with her family, friends, and dog Pluto.

Johanne Meets Rudolph: A Love Story

This interview tells the love story of Johanna Lankheet and Rudolph Ruttendjie. Grandma born in the Netherlands and Grandpa in Indonesia, they meet as teenagers and their love spans continents and decades. Johanna follows Rudy to America continue their journey...

Darlena Moore and Samuel Moore

Spouses Darlena Moore (60) and Samuel Moore (62) share a conversation about how they first met, Darlena’s time in foster care, and their family.

How I Met Your Grandmother: Herb and Pat Wright

Grandpa Herb shares the story of how he met his wife Pat. Unfortunately the microphone stopped working and cut Herb off right before the story of their wedding.

Sally Winslow and Roy Sowers

Friends Sally Wood Winslow (72) and Roy Sowers (69) share a conversation about how they met, the arts in Rochester, and the High Falls Art Gallery.

Jeffrey Robinson and Juan Bustamante

Jeffrey Robinson (58) and his husband Juan Bustamante (48) talk about how their friends came together to help them plan their pagan wedding over 25 years ago and how having a legal document as proof of marriage was not the...

Kyle Banks and Marian Mohamed

Significant others Kyle Banks (36) and Marian Mohamed (29) share a conversation about how they met, their families, the grief of losing loved ones, and some of the best and hardest times they have shared together.

Kendal Shaber and Mac Sheesley

Kendal Shaber (60) shares a conversation with her father’s friend, Mac Sheesley (97). They talk about Mac’s friendship with Kendal’s father, their time in World War II together, returning to Boise, and the role that Mac played in Kendal’s father’s...

Interviewing my mom about her life

We talked about my moms life before and after she had kids.

Soryl and Johnny

He we met and his childhood. His influences too.

Andrew Walker and Mordecai Walker

Andrew Walker (62) shares a conversation with his father, Mordecai Walker (97), about Mordecai’s experiences growing up in Citrus Park, the different athletes he met, running track while in college, boxing in the Army, and meeting his wife.

Carolyn Ewing and Abdul Ewing

Carolyn Ewing (65) reminisces with her husband, Abdul Salaam Ewing (64), on their varying influences in their path to Islam.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 29, 2019 App Interview

I ask my mother a few questions about heart past and how parenthood has gone for her.