Yomari's Community (en Español)

Yomari shares her story about employment, housing, and food insecurity. She reminisces how vacations back home in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic are temporary escapes from the hardships of poverty. Through her work with La Casa Norte she has...

Jenn Collins and Brad Barnes

Spouses Jenn Collins (48) and Brad Barnes (51) sit down for a conversation about their lifestyle as small scale farmers. They discuss their simple living ethos and their favorite parts of farming, as well as the importance of community gardens...

CheckPoint 4 Facing History Interview Ryan Wofford

This interview summarizes the key points of my research by getting insight from Julianne Lee, a fellow student that works within the food waste management realm.

Howard Houghton and Michael McKee

Colleagues Howard Houghton (68) and Michael McKee (61) share a conversation about how they each became involved in the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank and how both the organization, and the community it serves, have changed over time.

Brandi Adakai and Jeffrey Jaramillo

Co-workers and friends Brandi Adakai (33) and Jeffrey Jaramillo (56) discuss the food pantry they run in Pueblo, Colorado, locally sourced food, and their Empowerment Center.

Food Insecurity

I interview Tina about some of her pst struggles with Food Insecurity. We discussed some changes we have seen and what can be done to help decrease world hunger.

Interview of a Community Member

Ryan Alvarez interviewing Anna Rego on what food means to her and her community.

Dana Ellis and Donna Nelken-Baker

One Small Step conversation partners Dana Ellis (50) and Donna Nelken-Baker (71) connect over experiencing great losses of different kinds in their lives, seeing a man's presence as the backbone of families, getting people the resources they need, and being...

Adam Lowy and David Witzerman

Friends and colleagues Adam Lowy (35) speaks with his friend David Witzerman (61) about starting a non profit called Move for Hunger with his family. They share memories of when they started and also discuss the impact the organization has...

“It gives me a sense of hope” -how the Westchester Food Pantry is battling food insecurity and isolation in their community

The Westchester Food Pantry services over 150 families every week. Many of these families consist of older adults who are there because their fixed income isn't enough to make ends meet. These seniors face tough choices on what life necessities...

Dionisio Cucuta and Stephanie Taylor/Cucuta

Dionisio "Dion" Cucuta (62) and his wife Stephanie Taylor-Cucuta [no age given] talk about serving the community through their organizations Disabled Combat Veterans Youth Programs and Table to Table. They discuss youth mentorship, the transformative power of the culinary arts,...

Paula McElwee and Mary Jane Gilmer

One Small Step partners Paula McElwee (70) and Mary Jane Gilmer (72) have a conversation about their fathers as great influences in their lives, believing in keeping people at home and out of nursing homes, and discussing how the government...

Hennessy Garcia and Darwensi Clark

Hennessy Garcia (23) is interviewed by friend Darwensi Clark (42) about their upbringing, family background, and experience as an organizer fighting for the liberation of Black trans and queer people. Garcia reflects on how their trajectory has changed, from signing...

William Hortz, David Jones, and Donna Sagan-Hortz

William "Bill" Hortz (62) shares a conversation with his wife Donna Sagan-Hortz (60) and friend David Jones (83) about food security, community-focused work, the organization One More Plate, and the lessons they have learned from their work.

Uplifting the Voices of Today’s Youth: Environmental Justice Edition

This is social action project in which we are uplifting the voices of the younger generation.