Gilberto Biera and Anais Biera Miracle

Marine Corps Veteran Gilberto Biera Jr. (71) speaks to his daughter Anais Biera Miracle (35) about his experiences during his deployment in the Vietnam War, the pride he takes in being a Marin and the hometown friends he served with.

The story of my life

Tod asked personal questions to Christian

Tim Owens

About life and jobs with the military

My Grandfathers Childhood

Growing up in a poor economy area of Rosario Argentina Hugo Solano’s childhood was mainly focused on soccer, friends and family. He always played soccer since he could kick a ball at young age with his friends. He lived in...

Summary of Cathy’s childhood

This interview took place at my grandmas house in November 2017. My grandmas name in Catherine Taylor and we talked about her life as a child and into adulthood.

Friendships can change your life

My friend of 4 years, Allison has changed my life for the better.

Friends, 48 Years Later

Who knew the day we met when we were 5 years old would be the start of a long and similar journey

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Asking my closest cousin questions about difficulties, strengths, family, and more

Jiu Won interviews Hyunyoung Ahn about her life and childhood.

This interview took place in our house and was recorded on April 22, 2018. The interviewer's name is Jiu Won and the interviewee's name is Hyunyoung Ahn. Hyunyoung Ahn was born in South Korea and had many struggles in her...

The Good Old Days

Jewel and I sat next to each other all semester. I rarely knew anything about her, except that she was really funny. This gave me a little peak into her life.


Asking my friend about her school life and spirtual views.

Grandpa’s childhood Part 2
November 25, 2017 App Interview

Part 2 of the interview. Grandpa spoke about his experiences and interactions with other people.

The great thanksgiving listen

I had asked 7 questions about the memories and His child hood and etc.... that it was tough to be something cause of his surrondings

Molly and Ali Asher discuss funny stories, family, and jobs.

Molly and Ali talk about funny job stories, family stories, and the future. Regrets and worries are also brought up. We talk about former job stories and experiences that were fun. Motherhood is a very life-changing thing and it can...

Pan-Fried Friendship

As family comes closer, the stories we mention must be told to everyone. In this interview, held in Los Angeles, Cici Tsuo and Oliver España address their numerous moments together as well as Cici’s past, including her father, track coach,...


We talked about this childhood until now. We talked about what he missed and why he missed her. We talked about baseball and how his team was good and he could have went places with baseball but he ended up...

From Hurt To Healed

“After every air raid we would have to count heads to make sure everyone was okay”. On January 1, 2019, 14 year-old Taylor Huie interviewed her grandmother, Sylvia Huie, about her experience escaping the Japanese-Chinese War in the 1930s when...

Arzoo Mustafa’s Life

About the process of marriage and proposal. How Arzoo looked back at her High school years and life growing up.