Listen to name and her partner, partner’s name, dissect the intricacies of A Clockwork Orange, all while attempting to navigate a podcast.

Practice interview

I interviews ramallah. We talked about a lot.

Christina Darquea

This interview is about my mom, Christina, and her life.

Friendship interview

An interview with one of my best friends, Malia, about factors of good friendships.

Laura Snyder and Marlana Rice

Laura Snyder: 2020-11-21 01:49:47 Laura Snyder (47) talks with friend Marlana Rice (72) about how we met in a snowstorm 20 years ago and how our friendship has endured and enriched our lives especially during the pandemic of 2020.

The Best Unlikely Friendship

Megan Farrell (23) interviews Daniela Garnica (23) one of her closest friends for the past 4 years, who is also a DACA recipient, about how her status affects friendship, love, and her college experience.

Jaqueline’s Interview

We learned a lot about each other and our lives through this interview!

Carlos Arante – A Nursing Student in William Patterson

In this interview, I talk to my brother (and his girlfriend) about his experiences as an undergrad student and what advice he would give to himself on his career, friendships, and education.

Growing up

Josh Allard and his mom Anna Ramirez talk about life, turning 16, camp Woodward and life post Covid19. It’s his birthday today

A Little Get To Know Nadia Johnson

Nadia Johnson is an interesting and funny teenager.

“We’re closer than ever”

Lazar came from a culture were Homosexuality is not embraced. He recalls how coming out to his friend Chris has made their friendship closer.

My Friend Heather

Learning more about my good friend Heather :)

Kim’s interview

I interviewed my bestfriend and it was very touching

Amanda Stone, Natalie [No name given], and Tanya Smith-Sreen

Returned Peace Corps Volunteers Amanda Stone (30), Natalie [No name given] (33) and Tanya Smith-Sreen (25) share about their Peace Corps Guatemala experience. They talk about some of the challenges they faced as Peace Corps Volunteers as well as what...

Just a conversation.

We talked about random questions that were deep, but still good:).

Kadin Kristjansson and her mother, Lori Kristjansson, talk about family heritage and growing up.

This is an interview of Lori Kristjansson (50), conducted November 2016 in St. Louis, MO by her daughter, Kadin Kristjansson (14). From minutes 0-20, Mrs. Kristjansson shares details of her childhood spent all over the western United States and describes...

“I think all-women’s education really is a very good way of addressing [the confidence gap] for many women.”

Ann Damsgaard ’66 and Evelyn Go ’66 met on their first day at Wellesley. They reflect on the advantages of attending Wellesley, including small class sizes and the value of a single sex education.

Family Is Everything

“I don’t care what people think, I will do anything and everything for my children.” On December 21, 2018, Daisy Salinas talked about her experience of leaving her home in El Salvador to come to the United States. She explains...