Pain Management: Mary Ann Schreiber

Mary Ann is a cancer survivor. She is a warrior receiving a bone marrow transplant from her son. She is also a physical therapist and has been managing pain for a long time. Today she lives with an attitude of...

Jinny Savolainen and Gillian Cook

Jinny Savolainen: 2020-05-22 14:52:36 Jinny and Gill talk about small town life in pandemic times. "I have the best community in the history of mankind. I'm so thankful. "

Philip Georgy and Andrew Moore

Philip Georgy (66) speaks with Andrew Moore (31) about the impact Dr. Moore had on his care and shared his profound gratitude for a renewed sense of life.

Interview with Ms.Villars

I interview my teacher of Esol about what she is grateful for and what’s the dumbest thing that she have ever did.

Attitude of gratitude interview Bryar
November 25, 2018 App Interview

I asked my dad 4 questions about his life and what he is greatfull for.

Melinda and Kenya

Melinda (34) talks to Kenya (40) about her work on the front lines as a nurse during COVID 19.

Amanda Coggin and Roy Remer

A conversation between two ZHP Volunteer Coordinators, Amanda (39) and Roy (51). Amanda talks about her experience as a volunteer and now staff.


I was able to learn a lot about Sierra, her upbringing and her passion for children. She also spoke about how grateful she is for her current situation and how she tries to express gratitude each day.

Grace Hernandez, Elena Hernandez Melendez, and Rafael Hernandez

Cousins Elena Hernandez Melendez [no age given] and Rafael Hernandez (35) have a conversation with their aunt Grace Hernandez [no age given] about their relationship with Basketball in the Barrio and the role that the camp and community have played...

Joy + Gratitude

My most joyful memories of family and friends, gratitude, and appreciation


Valeria Church- 66-Teacher Educator for over 25 years Ramona Hewitt-Williams- 45 I was inspired to do this interview with Mrs. Church she is a great mentor, she enjoy educating students. I'M INSPIRED BY All Educators and TEACHERS THEY HAVE MADE...

Divine for AP Psych 2019

We talked about life in general, a lot of advice was given. We also talked about appreciation and inspiration, on both ends.

Lisa Yemma and Larry Yemma

Lisa Yemma (49) shares a conversation with her father, Larry Yemma (72), about his family, his plans for the future, memory loss, and how he has been feeling recently.

Amma Aboagye and Collingwise Osei-Aboagye

Collinwise Osei-Aboagye talks to his daughter, Amma Aboagye , about his childhood in Ghana, immigrating to the United States, his initial interactions with African Americans as a Ghanaian, and his connection with Ghanaian culture after living in the United States...

Clemens Work and Asmaa Albukaie

Friends and colleagues Clemens "Clem" Work (75) and Asmaa Abukaie (37) discuss Asmaa's upbringing in Damascus, Syria before the outbreak of war in 2011. The two share memories of supporting other immigrant and refugee families in Montana and Idaho. Asmaa...

Mrs. Del Toral

Mrs. Del Toral shares about her transition to AACA and her brother.

Persia gratitude Bowman

An interview with my mom containing 5 questions, one being about gratitude.