Ryen Caenn – Carico History

The Carico’s settled Oklahoma in the Cherokee Strip land rush. From humble beginnings grew a successful scientist.

Evelyn Rodriguez

Eliana Rivas (15) talks with her mother, Evelyn Rodriguez about her struggles in life and how she overcame them.

Mary Broderick Interview

Mary Broderick has worked with the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (CSJ), St. Paul Province, for over 40 years. She joined with Sister Anne Joachim Moore at the founding of St. Mary's Junior College as a nursing professor and...

Sue Watson and Karen Hoffmann

One Small Step conversation partners Sue Watson (65) and Karen Hoffman (70) discuss the people and events that shaped their beliefs and values.

Ashley Geng and Elena Li

Ashley Geng interviews her friend Elena Li. They talk about their favorite teacher, some food and cities to travel.

Grace Blomberg and Liv Hedstrom

Grace Blomberg (14) and her best friend Liv Hedstrom (14) talk about Covid-19, their friendship and life stories.

Quarantine interview with Cairo and Luke

Cairo Weaver and Luke Murphy had an interview during the quarantine about life, their favorite memories, and what they plan on doing after the pandemic.

Interview with an endearing woman

A conversation with a very important person within my life, that being my mother. As she has been through so many obstacles throughout her life and through those experiences she would help teach me how I could better improve myself....

Alexander McGregor and Della Evans

Friends Alex McGregor (71) and Della Evans (91) talk about the importance of community in rural towns and share memories of their childhood and family.

Stacey Rosenberger and Fred Rosenberger

Stacey (45) and Fred Rosenberger (41) remember the difficulties of explaining Stacey’s cancer diagnosis to their daughter, Olivia. Stacey and Fred remembers all the techniques they used to explain Stacey’s illness to Olivia.

Mary Beth Majors Interview

Mary Beth Major MS, APRN, AGNP-C Economic necessity was the impetus for enrolling in nursing classes at Minneapolis Community and Technical College. Caring for medically complex patients experiencing health care inequities led me to St. Catherine University College for Adults...