Katherine Ithurralde and Robert Ithurralde

Daughter Katherine "Kate" Ithurralde (41) speaks with her father, Robert "Bob" Ithurralde (78), about his childhood, career, marriage, family, and identity.

John’s Interview of his mom, Mina

John interviewed Mina, his mom, about her life in Vietnam and journey to the United States. They also talked about her experiences and goals.

Interview with my mom!

I interviewed my mom to talk about what family means to her and other questions. Here is a brief summary of some of her answers .

Childhood journey living with 5 siblings

Jim Farese was interviewed about his journey through childhood living with 4 other siblings in chaos, and how his family dealt with moving the east coast around together. Jim expressed how important family was to him and his relationships with...

Ashley and Isabel 12/8

Ashley (19) talks with Isabel (19) about her experience growing up as a poor hispanic.

Ellie Henkel and Charlie

Ellie, 19-year-old straight female college student, interviews Charlie, a 20-year-old pan-sexual transgender college student. They talk about Charlie's childhood, future, and college involvement.

John Manning and Will Manning

John Manning (19) and Will Manning (17) discuss growing up, who they've become over the years, and where they hope their lives to go.