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Living with Spina Bifida: My Father’s Journey

Paul Vanasse shares his experiences living with Spina Bifida. Listen to find out how he overcame his hardships.

Trevor Coburn
December 9, 2022 App Interview

Trevor Coburn describes growing up with Spina Bifida and the effects of it on him as a person and as an athlete.

Todd Bennett and Skylar Cohen

Todd Bennett (44) and his caretaker, Skylar Cohen (27), share a conversation about Todd's adoptive family, his experience living with spina bifida, his perspective on love and loss, and the life lessons that he has learned along the way.

Twin with Spina Bifida by Kit Imundo with Tracy Marrero

Today I interviewed a family friend about her daughter Jessica, who has spina bifida.

Kelly Rouba and Karen Palazzini

Kelly Rouba (30) talks to her friend Karen Palazzini (30) about learning to become an advocate for other people with juvenile diabetes, and what it’s like to live a normal life with a disability.

Spina Bifida

In this interview, I talk to my sister to learn about spina bifida.