Darlena Moore and Samuel Moore

Spouses Darlena Moore (60) and Samuel Moore (62) share a conversation about how they first met, Darlena’s time in foster care, and their family.

Johanne Meets Rudolph: A Love Story

This interview tells the love story of Johanna Lankheet and Rudolph Ruttendjie. Grandma born in the Netherlands and Grandpa in Indonesia, they meet as teenagers and their love spans continents and decades. Johanna follows Rudy to America continue their journey...

Patrick Nickell & Scott Acord

Patrick opens up about being the child of parents suffering from addiction and alcoholism, and being raised in the foster care system from the age of 2. In the approximate 14 years he was in the foster care system, Patrick...

From Foster Child to Parent: The Childhood of Mandy Lehman.

Mandy Lehman, a mother with mitochondrial disease, describes her childhood and what it was like growing up with an abusive family and the foster care system.

Shelly Glandon, Anya Glandon, and Rowan Hutchinson talk about family and life in Oksaloosa, Iowa

In this interview, done Saturday, November 24th in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Rowan Hutchinson (16) speaks with Michelle “Shelly” Glandon (47) and Anya Glandon (17), her girlfriend and girlfriend’s foster/soon to be adoptive mother (featuring Ayla Glandon, age 5). Shelly discusses how...

“Inside the mind of Barbara Witham”

This interview is based on the future and past of my grandma Barb. I ended up learning a lot of new things today when I asked some questions that were rather personal. I found out that my great grandma raised...

Living in a foster home

In this interview I asked my sister what is was like living in her foster homes.

National Adoption Awareness Month

This interview expresses the importance of adoption and the rewarding experience as it relays to Adoption Awareness for November.

Sally Kelley Stansberry, Geoffrey Birnbaum, and Erin Williams

Erin Williams (52) interviews her colleagues Sally Kelley Stansberry (73) and Geoffrey Birnbaum (74) about their experiences, legacy, and contributions to Youth Homes.

Ernestine begins over again

Ernestine shares her story about living on a farm with ostriches and foster kids and dreaming of a new and different life...

My Granny

My granny, Bonny Saulnier, has had a rough start that has turned into an amazing life full of love and adventure which she shares with me today.

The story of Debbie Bachman

The story of my grandma growing up in foster care

My Lita Interview

I’m on the far left, my mom on second far left, my grandma (lita) right in the center and my nana on the right.

A father figure I never had until foster care

I have lived in this foster home since I was 12 years old now I am almost 18 and about to graduate and go off too college, I refer to this family as my mom and dad because of a...

Interviewing My Foster Mom

I interviewed my foster mom and asked her questions about her life.

My friend is in a foster home

I am telling about my friend that is likely to be living in a foster home