Christopher Perlera and Laura Toro

GALEO Laura Toro (37) interviews her friend Christopher Perlera (27) about his experiences growing up in a bilingual household, his Salvadoran heritage and becoming a political leader in his community. Chris did not answer confirmation call. left voicemail and sent...

Ma grand-mère, Nicole Braditch

In this interview, i, Maïa Berthier, speak to my grandmother, Nicole Braditch. We talk about the family, her childhood, and many other interesting topics. She gave me, and my father (who did interject multiple times) a few good laughs and...

A Senegalese Story: From a Prankster to a Professor

From a straight A student and prankster to a professor in another country, life is full of surprises. In November 2017, 14-year-old Aram Sow interviews her Father Paap Sow to learn about his experience growing up in Senegal, West Africa...

Jessica Strauss and Erin Dickey

Jessica, 25, tells Erin, 25, about kissing Nick Carter, a member of the BackStreet Boy's Band. Jessica is a huge fan, loves Nick Carter and this is one of the greatest moments in her life. Jessica also talked about her...

A short Conversation with my Grandfather on his Childhood

My grandfather, Jacques Deslauriers (68), talks about growing up in Quebec's Limoilou District. He speaks of his family life, and the mischief him and his brother got into.

Au Revoir – until we meet again. <3
January 3, 2022 App Interview

After a week in the US Gabe must return to France. Madilyn and he have to part, they exchange a few fond memories from their trip before he leaves for his gate.

Steve Desroches and Hannah Clager

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Hannah Clager (32) about her experiences traveling and studying abroad, in particular the intersection of art and human rights, and how it led her to her current work with Crisis Action, an organization that works...

A French American family in the OC

An conversation with Damien Daphne Randy Isabelle about their family life in Orange County

Magda Parvey and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: I met with Dr. Magda Parvey, a highly accomplished, passionate and pragmatic educator and leader, for a thoughtful and inspiring conversation about her New York City upbringing, her Haitian culture, her family and her career.

Carolyn Theriot and Jude Theriot

Carolyn "Sue" Theriot (79) talks to her son Jude Theriot (50) about growing up in Parks, Louisiana, how she met her husband, and her time living in West Africa.

Interview with Linda Artigue Buday, grandmother of Samantha Buday

Samantha Buday, 11, talks with her grandmother, Linda Artigue Buday, 74, over the Thanksgiving holiday about her life. In this interview, Linda explains how her family ended up in the state of Louisiana. She also details her life growing up...

Female President

Ini Efiom-Ekaha had 6 children that she raised to become very successful. Throughout this journey, she learned French, became the first female president of her insurance agency, and became a member of the Risk Management Society.

Ballenger Family History

This is an interview between me and my Gramps about where our family come from. There is also some History about the Sanders name, which was my great grandmothers maiden name. You’ll have to excuse a little discussion about family...

Amy Howell and Luca Coletāo

Amy Howell (46) shares a conversation with her husband, Luca Coletāo [no age given], about how they first met, their time in Paris together, their decision to move to North Carolina, their son, and their hopes for the future.

Annabelle Simhon – Interview with Marie-Laure Simhon

Annabelle Simhon (19) and Marie-Laure Simhon (52) discuss her life as a French-American immigrant as a child. Additionally, the interview delves into life choices and consequences throughout the years.

Asking truthbombs of Creasbaum

An interview with Donald Creasbaum, a french teacher.

Other Languages

Heritage is a great thing to hold on to and be proud of. At times we stray away from our heritage when going about our lives, but it is important to always remember where you came from, and to pass...

Ann Glass, Odile Boubaker, and Imane Lahrir

Ann Glass [no age given] and her two house guests Odile Boubakeur (33) of France and Imane Lahrir (34) of Morocco to discuss how they all met and what their experience living and traveling together has been like.

Eric Breaux and Sidney Williams

Sidney Williams [no age given] speaks to his manager, Eric Breaux (45), about his upbringing, his music career, and his community in Louisiana.