Looking Forward with the Past

My Dad and I talked about his influences in life, and how these influences will continue to remain relevant for the future.

Paul Schirmer

My grandpa Paul and i sat and talked about his life and he shared some lessons that he learned and some stories about his early life.

Interview with Mimi

We talked about childhood memories and my mom and great grandparents. We also talked about cancer and what she’s grateful for.

Tell me about you!
December 10, 2021 App Interview

We talked about people that have been important to her, and her life work, childhood.

story telling interview

I interviewed Mia Johnson my best friend whom I work with. I interviewed her about bidday and her experience with it over the past two years.

An interview with my papa, Alton Willingham.

An interview with my papa about his childhood and growing up with five siblings, life lessons and advice, and the things he is most proud of.

Richard Nawrocki and Kathleen Nawrocki

Richard Nawrocki (83) and his wife, Kathleen Nawrocki (79), share a conversation about their childhood, courtship, marriage, and family life.

Journalism Partner Interview

Journalism Interview 12/10/19. Both participants interviewed each other a series of questions about our lives.

English lll interview

This interview is with Christopher Diaz 16 years old and Emiliano Pantoja 17 years old. We are both friends from school. I discussed about Emiliano’s life, Family, and how it was growing up.

Germans Are So Honest

After immigrating to Los Angeles from Hamburg, Germany twenty years ago, Verena sits down to talk about German v. American differences.

“Your family wants to help you even if it seems like they don’t” Maxwell Hwee The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview

November 25, 2017 in Fresh Meadows, NY, Maxwell Hwee interviews his cousin, Jordan Hwee. Jordan explains his family, and what they do for him, his friends, how they support him, and his school life. He also mentions his current life,...

The Great OMM Thanksgiving Listen- Isabella Magnani

This a interview done by Bella Magnani (14), with her grandma Ana Magnani/Flaherty (71). This interview was done on November 26 2017 in Sonoma California. This interview was for a school thanksgiving break project. The topics talked about are connected...

Jamez Terry and Susan Halvor

Jamez Terry (34) describes his experience in the variety trans road show and how the show impacted various communities and how he became a chaplain.

My mother and I talking about her childhood.

In this interview, conducted on May 14,3019 in Tallahassee, Fl. I (18) interview my mother (41) about her childhood. She shares her story of how she grew up and how school was and the many teachers who impacted her life.

Talia Ward: Loving Friendships

Talia Ward, Baltimore Native and Roommate of Morgan Banks. Sit and discuss “Loving Friendships”.

My Grandpa’s Early Days

He talks about his childhood, funny school stories, and his relationship, now going on 60 years.

Mackenzie’s interview

Mackenzie talked about her experience at college and life lessons.

Betty Hockett and Steve Hockett

Steve Hockett and his mother Betty, age 90 who is on Providence hospice share family recollections of Betty's many missionary trips overseas to developing countries and the influence in her early life of reading and how being a prolific writer...

Interview: Charles Smith and Brenda Bravo

In this interview we talked about friendship, first impressions.