Preston Taylor, Julianne Taylor, and Katy Maier

Katie Maier (38) interviews siblings Preston (21) and Julianne Taylor (23) about their shared love of history and their many adventures together.

Edwin Schulhafer and Crayton Robey

Crayton Robey (50) interviews his partner, Ed Shaulhafer (69), about his experience training to become a doctor during the AIDS epidemic. Ed also talks about his relationship to Fire Island throughout the years.

Hunter Kappelman and Katherine Kappelman

Katherine Kappelman (66) and her son Hunter Kappelman (20) share a conversation about their family, those who have lived with them, and Hunter's Eagle Scout service project.

Arlen Diamond and Tammy Wiley

Arlen Diamond (78) talks with his former colleague, mentee, and friend Tammy Wiley (54) about their experiences working in public radio and how their personal and family lives have influenced their people-centric leadership styles.

Francis Battista and Cyrus Mejía

Francis Battista (68) talks with his friend and colleague Cyrus Mejía (66) about founding the animal sanctuary Best Friends Animal Society. He talks about the beginnings of the shelter, the ethics it was founded upon, and events that have put...

Walter Coronel and Judy Blits

Walter F. Coronel (89) talks with his friend Judy Blits (72) about their involvement in the Emeritus Program at Santa Monica College and how they became friends through their involvement.

Erika Dooley and Thomas Dooley

Erika Dooley (37) interviews her husband, Thomas Dooley (38), about his experience as the partner to someone diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and the advice he would like to share with others.

Judy Sarkozy and Dhera Strauss

Judy Sarkozy (72) talks to her friend Dhera Strauss (63) about starting the Sarkozy Bakery in the city of Kalamazoo, MI, the ups and downs of owning a business, and about having to start over again at the age of...

Stacie Williamson and Adam Barlow-Thompson

One Small Step partners Stacie Williamson (39) and Adam Barlow-Thompson (38) share a conversation about their families, their faith, their communities, their political views, and about what guides their values and beliefs.

Nell Schneider #3, 7/12/21

Nell Schneider (6/18/1930-) talks with her grandson, Matthew Harrison, and her daughter (Matthew's mother), Sue Harrison, at her Glendale Wisconsin home. During this interview, Nell discusses her graduation from high school, taking and teaching college courses at the University of...

Lonnie Dusch and Rebecca Heckman

Co-workers and friends Lonnie Dusch (42) and Rebecca Heckman (49) discuss their involvement in the Pasta for Pennies fundraising campaign where the students they supervised at Princeton High School raised over $30,000/year for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

Sally Dishman and Jeremy Pruitt

Sally Dishman (23) interviews her coworker Jeremy Pruitt (38) about topics ranging from his feelings on garden gnomes to his experience being on the board of Eden Village at the Gathering Tree in Springfield, Missouri.

Pam Loosle and Franchesca Pena

Franchesca Peña [no age given] interviews Pam Loosle (63) about her involvement in the Chocolate Festival, a yearly fundraiser that raises money for Planned Parenthood.

Erma Banks and Callie McGinnis

Friends and colleagues, Erma Banks [no age given] and Callie McGinnis (77), discuss their former workplace: Columbus Area Library Association (CALA). They talk about the formation of the organization, pivotal characters in its development, and the events they created to...

Laura Garrison and Mary Kay Bishop

Friends, Laura Garrison (67) and Mary Kay Bishop (67), share a conversation on their friendship that spans 40 years and reflect on the adventures they've had and will continue to embark on.

Shalisa Hayes and Barbara Wright

Shalisa Hayes (41) shares with her friend Barbara Wright (46) about the community center being built on the east side of Tacoma, Washington, and how it gained momentum as a legacy of her son, who was murdered in 2011. She...

Edson Rivas and Anthony Crisci

Co-workers Edson Rivas (35) and Anthony Crisci (33) discuss their experiences as current and former Executive Director of Triangle Community Center, respectively. They talk about how the needs of the LGBTQ+ community have evolved, and the challenges involved with running...

Gus Foster and Alexandra Benjamin

Life partners Gus Foster (82) and Alexandra Benjamin (70) share a conversation about The Harwood Museum in Taos, New Mexico. They talk about the museum's history in the community, its evolution, and the generosity that has made it the museum...