Funerals in America

I chose to interview Natalie about her experiences with death. We focused on funerals and the differences between her Colombian traditions and what she has seen in America.

Sabrina and Jake

A quick conversation with my girlfriend Sabrina Chavez about family memories

Ryan Capone’s Funeral Expirirence

It’s a brief and short interview on Ryan’s experience with death in funerals while growing up in a traditional Roman Catholic Itlaian home.

How I used strength to overcome a challenge

When losing a family member, I had to be strong in order to get through it.

StoryCorp Soc110

Ava discusses her norms and her preferences that are different from the average person do to her parents being divorce. Ava also talks about how she views death and how hers differs from the average American.

My Dad

We talked about who my father is and the things and people in his life that are significant to him.

Celia Flores and Cristina Flores

Cristina, 30, speaks to mother, Celia, 59, about the dath of nephew, David, 22 years ago and the impact it had on their family. Cristina, 30 años, habla con su mama, Celia, 59 años, sobre la muerte de su sobrina,...

My Godmother,Stephanie.

I interviewed my Godmother who has raised me and cared for me since I was born. We also talked about our family traditions and history.


How death is viewed in different cultures. How perception of death changes.