I asked my mom some questions I wanna know


Did this with my dad it ‘‘twas hilarious. Very funny

Eli Ghiz and Parker Cane interview

I (Parker Cane) interviewed Eli Ghiz about his life

Anya Mammen with Heather Fisher and Renee Mammen

Renee and Heather are friends from college who still get together every year. Every year they tell new stories of their young lives together and myself, my sister, and heathers four kids gladly listen. I wanted to keep these memories...

Thanksgiving project

I talked to my grandma about her family mostly. Also about what she misses and the dumbest thing she’s ever done

First thanksgiving of my mom

My mom talked about her first thanksgiving and how she celebrated it. She talked in Spanish just like I did because her English isn’t very well. She explained how she was introduced to thanksgiving, who she spent thanksgiving with for...

Thanksgiving Listen 2017

This interview is light-hearted and relaxed.

Gossip with the Grandparents

Dishing the gossip with my grandparents about their lives and what it was like growing up in their generation. *Funny stories alert!*


We talked about how he didn’t have girls

Cousin interview

We talked about their life.And also what they are grateful for.