Girl Scouts of Orange County – Saachi Pavani and Vikki Shepp

We shared our personal Girl Scout journeys and how Girl Scouts prepares us to be advocates for girls and women locally, nationally, and globally. We also discussed the impact of growing up in Orange County :)

My mom discusses experiences that have shaped her life and opinions.

My mom's unique opinions on career, immigration from China, balancing life, climate change, and differences between our eras shaped by her numerous experiences. Join me as I try to learn more about my mom and how she came to be...

"Listen Up!" Autoethnography

Aimery Dreux (14) interviews his sister, Justine Dreux (16) about her experiences being ASB Leadership President as a woman.

Connecting the Dots of Indian Culture and Societal Change

Riya Patel (19) speaks with her mother, Kavita Patel (45), about her life and the challenges she has faced as a woman stuck between maintaining her cultural roots and adapting to changing societal views on gender roles.

Dorene Owen and Amanda Ashcraft

One Small Step conversation partners Dorene Owen (56) and Amanda Ashcraft (36) discuss loss of loved ones, childbirth and motherhood, and their careers. They share their experiences with reproductive care and their views on abortion and sex education.

A Female Engineer in a Male Dominated World #womeninengineering

Victoria discusses her social injustice experiences throughout her journey to becoming a civil engineer. As well as her encounters with gender inequality. Providing advice for young women with aspirations to believe in themselves and not let the fear of a...

Brooke McLaughlin and Her Grandma Geri Lewis talk About a Few Historical Events

In this interview, that took place on January 3rd, 2020 in Doylestown Pennslyvania, Brooke McLaughlin (14) interviews her Grandma Geri Lewis (74). Mrs.Lewis first talks about the differences in gender equality and how her life as a female growing up...

Oral History Interview with Narin for History 111 class

Today I interviewed Narin about gender equality in her country. We touched many aspects of female life and talked about Narin’s childhood years and how she has been treated as a female