The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Grandma Barb

Barbara Hilbush, my grandma and mother of three, speaks briefly about her experience growing up in a gender defined era, where it was hard for women to embrace independence and courage.

Grandma Brown-Davis
November 12, 2017 App Interview

I interviewed my grandma about childhood and being a women in the 60’s

Carolyn Ewing and Abdul Ewing

Carolyn Ewing (65) reminisces with her husband, Abdul Salaam Ewing (64), on their varying influences in their path to Islam.

Grandpa M Interview

In this interview, the interviewee, Mike, talks about growing up in Sweet Home, Oregon and about traveling between the years 1974 and 1975.

A Walk Through the Life of Randy Macht

This interview with Randy Macht, conducted by his daughter, takes a walk through his life and experiences. He details his childhood and family life, as well as talking about his gymnastics career and schooling. Mr. Macht tells stories of his...

Mary Booker, Barbara Miller, and Doug Miller

Mary Ames Booker (61) interviews her neighbors, Barbara Miller (83) and Doug Miller (82), about their upbringing in Wilmington, North Carolina and how Wilmington has changed over the years. Barbara and Doug also talk about how they first met, and...

“Who should do what?”
December 4, 2017 App Interview

An interview between a mother and daughter about her demographics and then her opinions about gender roles in relationships.

Talking to my mom about her life.

From earliest memories in the 1940’s to the civil rights movement in the 1960’s American south to thoughts about the future beyond 2018 Nancy talks about her life and points of view.

Ed Kennedy and Lori Motola

Ed and Lori discussed how humankind's career has come to define who they are, what it might look like if that changed and how we can move into a different paradigm through being ourselves and witnessing others do the same.

Sierra Kelly interviewing Patti Balogh on her experiences as an older women in society.

In this recording, Sierra a Kelly, a student at Eastern Michigan University, interviews Patti Balogh at her home in Canton, Michigan. This interview is for the Psychology of Women course at Eastern Michigan University. In this conversation, Patti Balogh will...

Jodie White and Debbie Hollis

One Small Step conversation partners Jodie White (43) and Debbie Hollis (50), both natives of Louisiana, talk about how their early lives and transformative events like 9/11 shaped their politics, what they are proudest of in life, and their hopes...

A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells – Victoria of Alamo, Texas

A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells – Victoria of Alamo, Texas speaks frankly about her experiences post-2016 election, her feelings regarding gender roles, and women's rights. Victoria talks about how her Mother and Aunts are all business owners in...

Rachel DeGuzman and Maya Susice

Maya Susice (29) interviews her mother, Rachel DeGuzman [no age given], about her childhood and her relationship with her parents. They talk about family history, disrupting gendered roles, and the hopes they have for Maya's daughter.

Francine Barr and Lisa Barr

Francine Barr (62) is interviewed by her daughter Francine Barr (31). Francine shares stories of her life and struggles to the top of the corporate ladder when gender roles served as a prime determinant to a woman’s success.

Redefining the Norm

Clay Stevens was a freshman in high school when he began wearing makeup as a way to express himself and feel more confident. In this interview he explains what sparked his interest, the reaction of those around him, and how...

Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez and Nathaniel McLeroy

Partners Stephanie Rosario Rodriguez (31) and Nathaniel McLeroy (33) discuss their relationship, the similarities of their upbringings, the limitations of language, and how their pasts have shaped their experiences of the present.