Words of the wiser

I interviewed my mimi,Dawn who has MS. A Symptom that does not allow you to move your body without pain. I was grateful to spend time listening about her life and the challenges she faced. It was an amazing opportunity...


Interview someone a generation older than you.

The AC/DC Album That Set The Standard

My name is Meghan Mastroberti and I’m a college student speaking with my mom Laurie Mastroberti about her experience with music and different listening platforms overtime.

My older sister

In this interview we just talked about things that were important to her and how she saw the world. We also talked about some world problems that she felt passionate about.

Betty Brown-Chappell and Gail Patterson-Gladney

Sisters Betty Brown-Chappell (76) and Gail Patterson-Gladney (74) trade memories from growing up on a farm near Bangor, Michigan with six other siblings. They reflect on what it was like for their family to navigate being one of the only...

Learning about my Mom and family

I ask my mom a series of questions about certain aspects of her life and a few opinions. We talk about family as our dog plays in the background and we remember the past sitting of the couch.

Angelica Martinez Interviews Younger Sister Jasmigeli Martinez On Being Dominican And From The Bronx.

Angelica asks her younger sister about her general life in school, New York and at church.


What iGen can do to change the world from the perspective of a teenager.

Emily Lo Re and Bonnie Lo Re talk about growing up in Birmingham, Alabama.

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Birmingham, Alabama, Emily Lo Re (16) interview her mother Bonnie Lo Re (50) about her childhood in Birmingham. Mrs. Lo Re shares her thoughts about 9/11 and the new generation. She also...

Generation project

We discussed the stereotypes on each generation as well as the differences of us growing up.

Interview with Rosario Fejeran

This is an interview about Rosario Fejeran's life and her opinions about today's generation compared to her generation, the Baby Boomer's generation.

Lexi Springer and Brother Luca Springer Talk About the Struggle of Growing Up Involved in Social Media

This interview conducted December 2020 in Naperville, Illinois, Lexi Springer (14) interviews her brother Luca Springer (16) about growing up involved in social media. Luca shares opinions, past experiences, and issues with social media that himself and others have faced....

Lily’s Interview With my Amazing Grandpa

When I was interviewing my grandfather, we went over his life. We talked about his imagration process, his family, his buisness and his overall life.


in this interview I asked my mom questions on her life and the things she wanted to see throughout my sister and I life.

Papas interview
November 28, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2019 in Uxbridge. Massachusetts, Anna May (17) interviews her Papa, Thomas Stavish (77), about his life with Anna’s mother. Thomas Stavish shares advice that he would give his past self and advice he gives...

Social Media in 2019

Arthur is talks about how social media is affecting this generation in 2019


I’m interviewing my smiley member for my class. I am from Massillon Ohio and am 14 years old

Interviewing Ofelia

This was about my grandmothers past, as we’ll as her life experiences.

Future life expectations

We are talking about the expectations in present and future