Past vs. Present

We discuss how our view of college has developed, as well as the pros and cons of technological advances and the differences in generations.

Anne Matava and Randi [No Name Given]

One Small Step conversation partners Randi [No Name Given] (23) and Anne Matava (60) talk about their parents, disability, recovery, trans and nonbinary identities, generational differences, history, and their hopes for the future.

William Wu and Xiaotao Wu

Xiaotao Wu (48) talks to his son, William Wu (18), about college and education in China vs America in the context of computer science, the difference in the 70s generation and millennials, and the 2003 SARS Outbreak vs COVID-19.

Melissa Coleman and Christa Galipeau

One Small Step conversation partners Melissa Coleman (54) and Christa Galipeau (49) talk about growing up on farms, connection to place, disillusionment with political parties, communicating with others, and parenting twins.

Joaquín and Jennifer Vargas interview
May 6, 2024 App Interview

Joaquin Vargas(17) interviews Jennifer Vargas(Mother-51) about how she learned about the civil war.

Charlotte and Aparna

Aparna talks with Charlotte, a colleague at the same high school, for the first time. Topics include early memories, sense of belonging in a school, communication of beliefs, and generational differences.

Ian Bitzes and William Cross

Ian Bitzes (24) talks with his grandfather William "Rory" Cross (86) about his life in the National Guard, ranching, and his time in the Wyoming House of Representatives.

11/26/18 – Interview with Dad

There was the mention of the importance of education, life lessons, professional satisfaction and growth, stories of moving between countries (and the courage in doing so), retold WWII anecdotes, globalization, and some dating advice.

Heidi Onion for Stonewall OutLoud, Part 1

Heidi talks about growing up, feeling like she always had a “boy’s brain,” her first love, coming out in her 20s, and becoming a police officer and self defense instructor.

Heidi Goettel and Vicky Maclean

Heidi Goettel (39) interviews her mentor and Big Sister Vicky Maclean (70) about their times together, what brought Vicky to the program and the values they've grown to share.

Susan Seehaver and Kim Spitzmiller

[Recorded: Thursday, April 28, 2022] Susan (73) and Kim (60) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, VA. Susan is recently retired, having worked in both the church and at Monticello for many years. Kim retired from the pharmaceutical...

Miriam Hossaini and Virginia Anderson

[Recorded: Tuesday, November 1st, 2022] Miriam (22) and Virginia (68) record a virtual One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Miriam is a fourth-year architecture student at the University of Virginia and Virginia is the editor of the Daily Progress,...

Jill Heil, Kathy Patrick, and Kenneth Patrick

Jill Heil [no age given] interviews her parents, Ken Patrick [no age given] and Kathleen "Kathy" Patrick [no age gven] about growing up, having children, and words of wisdom for future generations.

Dayana Blanco Quiroga and Maria Flota

Dayana Blanco Quiroga [no edad dado] y su amiga María Flota [no edad dado] hablan de lo que las llevó al Programa de Defensores de los Derechos Humanos de Colombia, de la cultura indígena en Bolivia y México y del...

Margaret Olson and Susan Faust

Susan Faust (65) speaks with her mother Margaret Olson (89) about her upbringing and childhood memories.

Lori Mohr Pederson and Stephen Betts

[Recorded: Thursday, October 19, 2023] Lori Mohr Pederson (63) and Stephen Betts (35) have a One Small Step conversation at the VPM office in Charlottesville, Virginia. Their conversation was recorded during Democracy360, the Karsh Institute of Democracy’s three-day biennial conference....

My mom discusses experiences that have shaped her life and opinions.

My mom's unique opinions on career, immigration from China, balancing life, climate change, and differences between our eras shaped by her numerous experiences. Join me as I try to learn more about my mom and how she came to be...