Motherhood: Lessons from Generation to Generation

My mom, Shirin, grew up in an Iranian-American home, then suddenly lost her mother when she was 14. We talk about how those experiences shaped her and her perspectives on motherhood.

Military Voices – An Interview with Peggy Quast, the wife of a retired Navy Admiral and mother of two Naval Officers

This recording is unique in that it interviews the spouse of a 36 year Navy veteran, a retired Navy Admiral and Vietnam War veteran who is also the mother of two former Naval Officers and the daughter-in-law of another career...

Interview to Find Out my Past
November 25, 2018 App Interview

In this interview I speak to my mother about her past and what has occurred to shape our lives

Great Expectations: Generational Diffrences Can Lead To Postive Change

My father, Tom Cox, discusses the challenges he faced in childhood and how they impacted his life, as well as comparing and contrasting the generational differences between us and how that impacts society.

Digging deeper

Alycia age 14 discusses personal life , issues and dreams.

The big picture, butterfly effect, and true passion.

A mom and daughter talk about their hopes, dreams, and concerns about themselves and future generations.

An Interview with my Mother: The Generational Divide and What It Means for the Future

My mother and I talk about what makes a divide between generations. We also discuss the differences between current and past generations and how these differences will affect the future.

Interpersonal Communication Over the Years

Talking about how interpersonal communication has influenced the world around us.

Mass Media, From Gen X to Z

Discussion ranging from different types of media, to generational struggles and differences.

"Okay zoomer"

As “ok boomer” memes rise on social media, the infamous generation gap becomes more apparent. I sat down with my father, a Gen X'er and learned his opinion on the generation gap.

interview with the generations (young age )

we talked about the younger generation & how today is different from years ago .

An Interview with Anna Jamieson

Anne(Maui) Jamieson is interviews about her early life in post WWII Germany and what life has taught her most.

Chat with Grandpa

A chat with my grandfather, Wendell Wills, about his school life, the current state of our government, and family.

My Papi

This is a one on one interview with my grandfather aka papi

Teacher Talk – Don't Know Much About History: An Interview with Don and Gabriella Sheffler

Don't know much about history? Gabriella Sheffler advises students to find their own history. Listen to this chat with the two teachers in my family - my husband Don, who teaches photography, and my daughter Gabriella who teaches history. My...

Interviewing Grandma Pat

Looking at differences between past and present generations.


Me and my aunt talking about what’s important in the spirit of thanksgiving

Generations and Places

I interview my mother about her childhood and how it has effected her later life decisions. In the interview I focus on generations and locations which influenced her childhood.