Kristy Stephens and Donna Kohut

Kristy Stephens (45) and her mother Donna Kohut (71) talk about the things they are most proud of in themselves and each other.

Ines Negrette and María Bozo

Amigas y colegas Ines Negrette (no edad) y María Bozo (no edad) hablan de su inmigración a los Estados Unidos, su trabajo en CasaLuz, y las maneras en que han crecido con los años. [Friends and colleagues Ines Negrette (no...

Nikkita Joseph and Bertina Wilson

Nikkita Joseph (35) interviews her aunt Bertina Wilson (71) about her grandparents and the important lessons in compassion and generosity they passed down through the generations.

Ethnic Studies-Olivia Johnson and her grandmother discuss topics like repression, family, and expanding your world view.

In this interview, conducted September 2020, Olivia Johnson sits down for a phone call with her grandmother Terry, who grew up in Los Angeles in the 1950’s. They discuss Terry’s childhood and how it influenced her perception of issues like...

Cheri Lyon and Stephen Wiard

Colleagues Cheri Lyon (65) and Stephen Wiard (74) discuss what it means to serve their community and reflect on the impact of El Pueblito Methodist Church's Shared Table program on the Taos community.

Barbara Mueller and Luke Russell
August 9, 2022 App Interview

Luke Russel and Barbara Mueller share a conversation about the experiences in life that have shaped them into the people that they are today.

Allen Woodall and Kaitlynn Griffith

Kaitlynn Ward Griffith (35) sits down with her grandfather, Allen Woodall Jr. (87), to discuss the lessons he has learned throughout his life, his passion for preserving history through museum curation, and each of their future hopes for the museums...

Elizabeth Garman and Rachel Manchester

Elizabeth shared her amazing life journey, teen pregnancy, loss of baby, humanitarian work with hemophilia education in impoverished countries, COVID journey and loss of family members, strength in adversity, a life of meaning and purpose, Providence mission. faith, leading with...

Interview With My Mom: PLP English II Interview

I sat down with my mom, Marcey Sparenberg, who spoke on behalf of my grandmother, Shirley Sparenberg. She talked about my Grandma and Grandpa's generosity and kindness and how they received something they didn't even begin to expect. This falls...

James Barr II and Shira Smillie

James "Chef Daddy" Barr II [no age given] sits down with StoryCorps facilitator Shira Smillie (26) and tells her about Burning Man, how his values intersect with those of the festival, and his family.

Maureen Guthman and Jill Schlesinger

Maureen Guthman (60) talks to her friend Jill Schlesinger (56) about her family, resilience, and the impact of those closest to her in her life. They reflect on their friendship and on the TV shows and music that have most...

Jill Sneider and Joan Bryan

Jill Sneider (70) shares a conversation with her mother, Joan Bryan (94), about Joan’s husband, Jill’s father, their life together, their family, and the values that their family lives by.

Janis Prince and Orin Inniss

Janis Prince (54) shares a conversation with her spouse, Orin Inniss (58), remembering Janis’s mother, Eula Prince.

generosity 7 year old

my son and I talk about generosity

Lisa Belloli and Rick Belloli

Lisa Belloli (50) speaks to her husband, Rick Belloli (52) about the influences that their parents had on them and what makes their marriage successful.

Sara Milstein and Jane Eisner

Mother, Sara Milstein (64), and daughter, Jane Eisner (30), have a conversation about their family and about hopes for Jane's yet-to-be-born baby, whom they refer to throughout the conversation as "Lentil."

Charlie Auer and Megan Humphrey

Charlie Auer (85), speaks to his friend, Megan Humphrey (58), about growing up in Burlington, VT with a German father and a French mother. He remembers how his mother would garden, cook, and preserve food, both in their home and...

Mary Alicia (Lawler) McRae and Talleri Adkins McRae

Mother and daughter Mary Alicia (age 79) and Talleri (age 42) discuss Mary Alicia’s favorite people, fondest memories and proudest moments.

Chiofalo Family Love

December 5,2019 I interviewed my grandma Lorraine Rizzuto. I asked her about her family and life. Also her childhood.

Empower One Another – Kathleen O’Neal

In this StoryCorps interview, Kathleen O’Neal talks about various topics in current day era. From the ideology of friendship, to having faith in humanity. This interview will open your eyes to a new perspective on the world.