Charlie Auer and Megan Humphrey

Charlie Auer (85), speaks to his friend, Megan Humphrey (58), about growing up in Burlington, VT with a German father and a French mother. He remembers how his mother would garden, cook, and preserve food, both in their home and...

Ethnic Studies-Olivia Johnson and her grandmother discuss topics like repression, family, and expanding your world view.

In this interview, conducted September 2020, Olivia Johnson sits down for a phone call with her grandmother Terry, who grew up in Los Angeles in the 1950’s. They discuss Terry’s childhood and how it influenced her perception of issues like...

Interview With My Mom: PLP English II Interview

I sat down with my mom, Marcey Sparenberg, who spoke on behalf of my grandmother, Shirley Sparenberg. She talked about my Grandma and Grandpa's generosity and kindness and how they received something they didn't even begin to expect. This falls...

Chiofalo Family Love

December 5,2019 I interviewed my grandma Lorraine Rizzuto. I asked her about her family and life. Also her childhood.

“Forever Grateful”

My mom was born in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to Highland High school, where he met her husband. She married David Huntsman on July 17,1989. They had eight children together.