Great ghosts with Ben
November 25, 2020 App Interview

Kaylin and Ben explore his experience with the supernatural

A Friend

My friend mish and I have our first phone convo (recorded on a phone call with Mish) *FACES BLURRED FOR PRIVACY*

Interview with mom

This interview sums up most of my mother’s life up until today, it also explains the times she has had to go through and how so adapted to tough times.

Mom and Gray-12/22/2021

My mom, sibling, and I sat down for an interview to talk about things that we had never talked about before.

Working with Ghosts

My sister, who has just graduated from college, wanted to do a unique, out of the ordinary kind of job. The Myrtles Plantation House has given her new experiences and a different perspective of ghosts.

English interview

This story made a huge impact in my dads life and changed his belief in ghosts forever

Nancy Masner and Tomasita Trammell

Friends Tomasita Trammell (73) and Nancy Masner (66) interview each other about their family, experiences, and visits to the Pythian Castle.

Bennett Steelman and Elizabeth Steelman

Bennett "Ben" Steelman (67) shares a conversation with his wife, Elizabeth "Beth" Steelman (74). They discuss Ben's father, trips they've taken around the world, and family.

Great thanksgiving listen with Judy Adams.

Talked about Judy Adams Moreland family, her time spent living on the outside of the Vietnam war, hippies, the Beatles, Woodstock, ect...

A Graceful Man, Manuel Carrizalez SR.

My Grandpa, is a man who defies his age by doing things that make him feel young at heart. He always radiates with positivity and is a very inspirational role model. His smile is infectious and his essence always brightens...

Remembering Her Ghost

In which my mother takes me back to a time—an early memory of hers—where she believed she had firsthand experience with the ghost of her grandmother back in her home town of Saline, Michigan on Oak Park Drive.

Cailey Interviews Yushin

Cailey interviews her friend Yushin about seeing ghosts as a child, fishing advice that's actually life advice, and surviving past pandemics.

Karen Abaya and her mother Elenita Abaya talk about her life growing up in the Philippines

In this interview, Karen Abaya interviews her mother Elenita Abaya in their home in Westfield, New Jersey about her life in the Philippines. Elenita shares stories about what her school system was like and the crazy rules she had to...

Jerry’s Scary Story

We talked about Jerry’s experiences with the paranormal world.

The Black Dog of Death

This interview was of my dad talking about a defining incident in his life and which really shaped him as a child. We then went on to talk about supernatural activity and rationalism. I found this quite interesting, scientifically, because...