Elijah’s first interview
December 4, 2022 App Interview

the person I interviewed was my mom. Her name is Ka Lee and she is 43 years old. the topics that we mostly discussed about was her job and if she liked it or not.

Interview with Mom

I chose to interview my mom. We talked about important lessons, memories, and funny moments.

The Conversation of a Lifetime

We mainly talked about my mom’s childhood, her experience coming to the United States for the first time, work, and my childhood.

History Project

Interview with my mom about, childhood and parenting.

Pit Pat the little chick

Mom because a story of her childhood where she found a baby chick and it remembered her when it was grown.

Angela Richards

My mom and I have a very close relationship. We talked about her childhood and her experiences as a parent.

Being Thankful with my grandpa Jose Zuniga

This interview is about my grandpa Jose Zuniga, how he grew up as a kid. Also important things he has in his life.

Me asusté mucho ( I was so scared)

This interview was talking about how it was back in his day where everything was different. With that also what he did back then and what he wanted us to know what happen to him and he what he wanted...

A Caring Mom

A mom raised with little income. How it shaped her today.

Crossing the street with Mom

I interviewed my mom and asked her about her early life. It turns out that she was a rebellious young kid that liked to cross the road when her mom wasnt looking. She also went to Catholic school for all...

My mom

She goes through life experiences and what it it is like being a mom

Interview for History

I asked my mom some questions about her personal life. I asked my mom questions about her work.

Quarantine with mom part 3

This is me interviewing my mom about life in quarantine.

Interviewing My Mom

I had interviewed my mom and I had asked her about some of her hardships.