Elisabeth Traumann and Don Davis

Ms. Traumann (55) reminisced about her father, Michael, a German who immigrated to Brazil where he farmed. Mr. Davis (58) talks about the history of violence in his extended family.

Mom Interview

We talked about all our family members.

My Mom’s Story

We talked about the difference between my mom’s childhood as a little girl and her life as a teenager. We touched base on the influential people in her life and how her past has affected her present.

Crystal Martinez and mother Maria Cazares Interview

In this interview, conducted on November 22, 2018 in Panorama City, California, Crystal Martinez (17) interviews her mother Maria Cazares (53) about her childhood. She talks about her parents, school, and teenage years.

Mom & Dad Interview

Interview about parents’ relationship and how they feel about raising me

Mom and Dad

I talked with my mom and dad for about 20 min. about their childhood and a little bit about me.

Audrey Wilke Interviews Marcia Scherr About Her Teenage Years

Audrey Wilke interviews Marcia Scherr, her grandmother, about her life and family growing up. This interview occurred on December 2, 2017 in Evergreen Park, Illinois. Marcia Scherr grew up in Chicago, Illinois and she recounts the details of her childhood...

Talking to my mom about her childhood

Me and my mom talk about her childhood and Answers some questions. We talk about who she was as a person and who inspired her who she loved.

German Early Life

My grandma talks about her childhood memories and what it was like growing up in Nazi germany during the Second World War.

Callie Lininger and Byron Parrish talk about life as a child in Lake Oswego

In this interview, conducted on November 24th, 2017 in Oregon, Callie Lininger(13) interviews her grandpa(67) about his childhood in Lake Oswego. Callies grandpa, Byron talks about his childhood and his family. He shares many important lessons he's learned like to...