Jeffery’s Life Story: Childhood to Now

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Queens, New York, I did an interview with Jeffrey Wu (aka Jeff) about his life story from his childhood to now. He shares one of his cherished memories that is his father's...

The Journey of a Father

Harry Xu is interviewed by his daughter, Jennifer Xu. He shares his childhood, family, and memories that develops him into the person he is today.

Grandpa Pirie’s life

My Grandpa had a very interesting life. I think world war2 play apart in his life such as joining the navy.

Growing up on an Island

In this interview conducted on Thursday, November 23 in Astoria, New York. I Shannon Grech (15) interviewed my father, George Grech (56), about what his childhood was like living on small island and how its shaped him into the man...

Small Convo with Grandma
November 26, 2018 App Interview

Paige has a small talk with her Grandma (Evelyn) about life, and the old days.

Jeff Thanksgiving

I spoke with my uncle Jeff about life, diabetes, and stealing.

Work Now, Chill Later

For the "Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019" Siddharth Patel, a student at Egg Harbor Towsnhip High School interviews his grandfather, Kishor Patel. He reflects on his past. He talks about how he met my grandmother, Lali Patel. He also talks about...

A Young Family Thanksgiving

The Young Family annual gathering in 2019 shares their gratitude and love. #THEGREATLISTEN

“Create a new you, but never forget where you came from.”

Mark Mercado, a hardworking father, tells us the story of his experiences in Philippines and America. During the interview, we are able to see the before and afters of his life in Philippines then in America. Mark had huge expectations...

The Great Listen

This interview is about how life was like for my older brother who grew up in Bangladesh. I thought it would be interesting to find out how his childhood was like seeing how it is much different from the childhood...

Luke Osterkamp and his mom, Ashley Osterkamp, talk about life stories.

In this interview, Luke Osterkamp interviews his mom, Ashley Osterkamp, on her life. The interview was conducted on November 25, 2018 in their home in Manhattan Beach, California. Ashley shares stories about her life and what she has learned throughout...

Intverview with Gregory Wilson

This is an interview with my grandpa, Gregory Wilson. He is currently 69 years old and will be 70 in the upcoming summer. In this interview we talk about his childhood and the things he misses in his younger years

My Cousins Journey

Sammi Lin, 15 years old, is interviewing, Sabrina Chen, her cousin in elmhurst, NY. She describes her childhood and explains her struggles a Chinese immigrant. She shares her experiences, hardships and accomplishments as well as some advice and lessons for...

Internship Class

Talking about life and what is yet to come

The Imapct Of The Past On Today’s Identity

My name is Ethan Mak and I am encompanied by William Mak, my father. My father is a man who is knowledgeable due to his past experiences he overcame. Today I learned how the past can sculpt you into the...

Sophia Maynard interviews her mother Cheryl Maynard about her childhood, family heritage, and insight into the past.

In this interview, my mother Cheryl Maynard and I discuss our family heritage, her childhood growing up in Woonsocket, and her happiest moments. This interview takes place at our home in Warwick, Rhode Island, on November 27th 2017. Cheryl elaborates...

Model of Inspiration

I interview my brother, Michael Sheu, about life lessons he's learned, his biggest inspiration, and advice he would give to others.

The Life of my Mema

In this interview, I asked my grandmother a series of questions about her childhood and best moments in her life as well as hardships in her life. She also gave advice to listeners.