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November 29, 2022 App Interview

My mother, Amanda Stephens, talks about memories from her childhood and the family farm in Iowa.

Racing, Family, Fun, and Integrity-David Gee and Kailey Barrientos

Kailey interviews her father Dave. He is a great story teller and talks of a time when high-schoolers played pranks, and family was similar to a 50s TV show. For Dave, everything led to racing and a legacy of entrepreneurial...

Lola Yale and Sheri Solomon

Sheri Solomon (56) interviews her mom Lola Yale (76) about growing up in a farm close to Walla Walla, WA and about her affinity to music and theater. Lola talks about being in charge of the Musical Production of the...

Remembering Grandma Starkey

This interview is centered around memories of a kind grandmother in Ohio and her affect on her granddaughter and future generations.

"The Air Force was like any other job."

Bernie Tackett is an Air Force Nurse veteran in 1968, she decided to go into the Air Force because her parents could not afford for college. She grew up on a dairy farm in Malmo, Minnesota. Also, she volunteered to...

Dad’s early memories

31 Jan 2018. I asked Dad about some of his early memories.

Life on the Farm

Life on the farm was easy compared to raising a family!

Mr. Lennon and Cameron talk about Mr. Lennon’s life

Mr. Lennon and Cameron talk about life in the Great Depression and his time in WW2, and Japan. They also talked about his jobs on a farm, Oldsmobile, and war plants. They talked about his memories and his childhood.

Grandma’s childhood

Julia Kuykendall talks about her childhood and how she loved to play outside with her siblings. She loved talking about school and she always wanted to be a school teacher but ended up getting married.

Growing up in the 50-60s

my grandma (76) Karen Holliday tells me about her childhood on a farm and growing up in the early to mid 1900s

Family History with Grandma Jan

Grandma and I talked about family history together and enjoyed each other’s company greatly during this interview.

Farm Chores

Lucille and Harold Carpenter grew up in the northernmost part of Vermont on dairy and maple sugar farms. This interview covers their experience and some of their childhood chores.

Corinne Dickerman and her grandmother Vivian Dickerman talk about family and Vivian’s childhood.

In this interview, recorded on December 31, 2017, in Quincy, Illinois, Corinne Dickerman(14) interviews her grandmother, Vivian Dickerman(74). Vivian talks about the types of games she played when she was younger including dominos with her grandma. She shares what she...

Papa's Childhood

We talked about his childhood and what it was like growing up with 9 siblings.