Girl Scouts: interview with Marilyn about 50s and 60s

What life was like for a girl who loves the outdoors growing up near St. Louis in the 50s and 60s

Susan Gardner and Lillian Gardner

Susan Gardner (65) speaks with her mother, Lillian Gardner (98), about their lives in Tennessee during the time of school desegregation. The two discuss the integrated Girl Scout troop they were involved in and experiencing the first year of school...

Granny Interview – 2023

During my Great Grandmothers life there have been lots of changes such as electricity, automobiles, and internet. She was born in 1939 and I am interviewing her at our family gathering!

Lisa Sanchez and Lynne Clunk

Lisa Sanchez (49) interviews her first grade teacher Lynne Clunk (63). The two share memories of their interactions, how each has influenced the other and the obstacles they've overcome.

Corinna Currier and Olivia Garcia

Corinna Currier (51) talks to her friend, coworker, and former Girl Scout member, Olivia Garcia (19), about what it was like growing up in East Germany, her memories from the day the Berlin Wall came down, and how she came...

MK Mueller and Kim Cool

Friends MK Mueller (71) and Kim Cool (84) discuss Kim's career as an author and storyteller and MK's work as an "inspirational speaker."

Ann Heidkamp, Bernie Heidkamp, and Richard Heidkamp

Richard Heidkamp (83) and Ann Heidkamp (84) talk to their son, Bernie Heidkamp (43), about how they met and fell in love, their memories of their travels, and how they have dealt with the aftermath of a car accident that...

Humanities Interview

This interview between Logan Szott and his mother Heather Szott covers Heather's personal history growing up in L.A. and beyond, connecting to multiple historical events, cultural trends, and personal experiences. The interview contains segments of Heather's early life with her...

Bob Kudrick – Sharing Stories Project

Bob Kudrick tells about his family history and childhood, and shares some useful words of wisdom.

Girl Scout Alumni Interviews

This interview is for my silver award! I’m interviewing the Alumni Generation of Girl Scouts to put their stories and experiences out so people can hear them and be inspired. Bear with me, this is my first interview!!! Thank you...

Faith Martin and Lisa Tanner

One Small Step partners Faith Martin (48) and Lisa Tanner (55) discuss their concerns about political polarization, how we can make political dialogue more productive, and the power of Gen Z.

Carolyn Suba and Mike Suba

Carolyn Suba (81) talks to her son, Mike Suba Jr. (62), about her memories of her parents and her grandparents, her independent travels both in and out of the country, and being in the largest graduating high school class in...