Getting to know you better

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Churubusco, Indiana, Carson Forrester (16) interviews his father’s girlfriend Cindy Cottrell (53) about her life to get to know her better. The purpose of getting to know someone better is so you...

Betsabe Ramos and her family friend Gordan Kosobucki talk about his story of life in Wisconsin.

In this interview conducted in December 2019 in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, Betsabe Ramos interviews her family church friend Gordan Kosobucki about his childhood and experiences of life. Gordan shares stories about his youth and the Vietnam War. He also talks about...

The Connection between Me and My Girlfriend

I interviewed my girlfriend, we have been dating for three years,and One month. Just a little questions that I had felt I needed to ask her about the relationship..

Empathy ( Cody rigney )

Interview for class about empathy

the great thanksgiving listen

I interview my girlfriend about whats on the top of her head at the moment.

Interviewing My Girlfriend

A very awkward conversation to have but it all worked out.