Ed Pedi and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Award-winning professional photographer Ed Pedi shares his life story, from growing up in Chelsea with his 7 siblings to his passion for photography, traveling the globe by motorcycle, and the lessons that he learned.

"I have always felt at home wherever I go."

Aileen and Alison talk about growing up on a farm, moving to Richmond, teaching at RHS, and her retired life as a community volunteer.

Kayla Tamez interview Mrs. Maria McNair, Director of Lutheran Services Florida Duval County Early Head Start and Head Start Program.

This is an interview to honor Mrs. Maria McNair and her exceptional dedication to Jacksonville's early childhood education. Mrs. McNair shares her life experiences, thoughts, and views on how she has become who she is today.

Stephen Schultz and Harlan Mueller

Stephen "Steve" Schultz (74) and Harlan Mueller (78) have a conversation about their wives' diagnoses of memory loss, their shared need for social connection and support, and the creation of the Purple Canoe Club.

Gina Ginsberg & Scott Acord

Gina was a stay-at-home mom when her marriage fell apart and she divorced her husband. She struggled to find a job and in the process lost her home and had to move into her father's basement. It was tough but...

Susie Zin and John William Clodfelter

Friends Susie Zin (66) and John William Clodfelter (38) interview each other about giving back to their community, their love of the outdoors, and friendship.

Alexis Kantor and Eunice Cho

Alexis Kantor (37) speaks with new friend Eunice Cho (33) about her mental health journey. She discusses her first bout of depression in high school, the support she received from others, what her life is like now and how she...

The Merchant of Food

Interview with Harald Herrmann, CEO Second Harvest Food Bank Orange County. The story of a South African emigree who grew up in Anaheim to become one of the top restaurant executives in America and is now running Orange County’s largest...

Anil Leatherwal and his transition from childhood to now to the future.

In this interview, conducted over the phone from Chicago to Los Angeles in June 2018, Anil Leatherwal shares his life story from childhood to now. Mr.Leatherwal starts off by mentioning the numerous hardships his family encountered such as divorce, financial...

World adventures of my Uncle Greg

Interviewing my uncle Greg about his experiences in the Thailand peace corp

A Community Changer – interview with Neil Shorthouse

Judith Fuller interviews Neil Shorthouse, a community changer who helped create Communities in Schools. Neil speaks of his upbringing and how it challenged him to live a life of giving back.

Julisa Voinche and Rob Gilroy

Julisa Voinche (61) speaks to her fiance Rob Gilroy (55) about her long journey with chronic pain due to adhesions, how it's impacted their relationship and inspired Julisa to give back.

Lauren Weber and her father Bob Weber talk about life.

In this interview, conducted April 22, 2019, Lauren Weber (21) interviews her father Bob Weber (66) about his life. They discuss growing up in the 1950's, how he met her mother, his reaction to becoming a father in his 40's,...

Jackie Burrell and Gerald Cole

Significant others Jackie Burrell [no age given] and Gerald Cole (52) share a conversation about their relationship. Gerald also talks about writing his first book, the advice he would give to his younger self and his daughters, and what he...

From a Mother to a Daughter to the World

Erin Yambao interviews her mother about the importance of family, giving back, and independence. She shares lessons and experiences she has learned and gained throughout her life.

Darlene Castillo and Jade Vargas

Darlene Castillo (29) interviews her mentee Jade Vargas (18) about her involvement in modeling and pageantry as a Latina, her experience as an Hermanita with the organization MANA de Albuquerque, and her goals for her future. Jade also reflects on...

Reflections with Dad
September 17, 2019 App Interview

Conversation with my dad just after his 75th birthday—we discuss family, immigration, inspiration, success, and giving back.