Interview with noah

Laurel sat down to interview her friend noah about his experiences with high school and band

Interview of Adam Stone
November 23, 2017 App Interview

In this interview we talk about Adam and Stacy Stone's first time meeting, Adam's dad, and Adam's interest in music.

School interview

Interview with a boy named Alejandro who goes to my school about his life and interactions.

Mugshots: Ben Fortunado Marcune

Ben Fortunado Marcune is an artist who has painted many paintings of Musikfest since 1984. His one word to describe Musikfest is PEOPLE-FRIENDLY.

Interview with Billy Bentonetti

Billy journey through childhood and music in North Carolina and Texas.

An Interview with Dave Holt
January 16, 2018 App Interview

Kevin Kim (17) interviews his English tutor Dave Holt (69) about his childhood in a small town in Canada. Mr. Holt shares his story about living throughout the Cold War. He talks about his native American heritage experience. At minute...

Content with My Life

Charles King feels that he has led a good life. He feels fortunate to have obtained a good education, have a successful career as a jazz pianist, and now has the opportunity to teach piano to kids.

Spanish interview

Interview on my dad for spanish project.

Cristopher’s Parent

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2018, I will be interviewing my dad. He means so much to me because he is my stepdad. I would not have made the right decisions without him. I chose him because he is such...

Maxwell Macpherson and Shayne Duggan

Shayne Duggan [no age given] discusses the life and musical interests of Maxwell "Max" Macpherson (76).

music production Toady is November 10th 2022 12:50pm here at talyor pickett house

my name is Monique bishop age 30 years from Chicago Illinois relationship friends and neighbors name talyor pickett age 31 from Tampa Florida has two kids two girls. learning something that I did know about music.

Growth – Nick & Nate Carter

Two brothers and how they have changed as people from childhood until now.

Hannah Jenkins Music Interview

Exploring how music has made my interviewer aware of social problem