Intentional friendship

I (Joey) wanted to learn more about my extraordinary friend (Billy). We talked about life, goal setting, family relationships, travel, managing Lyme disease, business success and overcoming failures.

Jillian reflects on Psychology of Environmental Stewardship

Jillian talks about her major takeaways from her class, Psychology of Environmental Stewardship, and the importance of evaluation and solution-based strategies. Along with this, she reflects on how this information will help in her personal and work life in the...

Allen Woodall and Kaitlynn Griffith

Kaitlynn Ward Griffith (35) sits down with her grandfather, Allen Woodall Jr. (87), to discuss the lessons he has learned throughout his life, his passion for preserving history through museum curation, and each of their future hopes for the museums...

Danielle Knox and Krystal Sullivan

Danielle Knox (40) talks with her colleague Krystal Sullivan (38) about their approaches to education, their love of math, and what has gotten them through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Women empowerment

Loleeta shared her story about being a young minority woman in the IT field, and how setting goals is how she carries forward with her dreams.

MCBS Interview

We talked about Kadeene’s goals and where he came from. We talked about what inspires him and why he has such large goals.