Interview With My Mom

In this interview Liz Della Sala shares key parts of her life and explains how they helped her grow and become the person she is today.

Alexia Williams and her mother Tisha Williams discuss her experiences as a woman from adolescence to present time.

In this interview conducted in November 2021 in Ypsilanti, MI, Alexia Williams (22) interviews her mother Tisha Williams (47) about growing up as a woman and her personal experiences with this. Tisha discusses personal stories as well as learning moments...

The Journey of Life pt. 2

Diving deeper, we discover the upbringing, the goals and the reason for Ayoubi’s relocation.


Brandon in this interview basically showed himself and talked about himself and his sense of humor and about his life and advice he gives and what a generous person he is.

A life in the Webb Residence

Hello all! I’m Taylor Shouse, I’m 27 years of age and I’m interviewing my mother Heather Webb and she is 47 years of age. Today we are talking about Heathers fun and interesting life! I hope you all enjoy!

Interview with my Auntie

I interviewed my aunt with 5 diverse questions in order to gain an understanding of her strengths, weaknesses, accomplishments, and future goals.

elmi inaas (peer interview 11/27/23)

my name is inaas elmi and the person I interviewed is Owen Esper. He is 14 and I am also 14. Owen is a current classmate. we discussed our goals and aspirations for the future.

The Thanksgiving listen

I had my dad pick some questions that he felt comfortable answering and asked him those question. I received much more thought out answers than I originally believed and learned a lot about my dad.

Woods, Kaylee (Thanksgiving Interview 11/27/23)

Kaylee Woods, 14 talking to Trista Whitehead, 37 and we were talking about role models and goals.

Susan Daniel Mathuram and Kiyanna Edwards-Polk

Friends Susan Daniel Mathuram (18) and Kiyanna Edwards-Polk (18) discuss dead roots, overcoming trauma, independence, and what they hope to accomplish in the future. The two also discuss leadership and the changes they hope to see in the future.

The Early Life of Nelson

In this interview, Nelson talked about his early life & what his accomplishments are once he gets older. He hopes to be successful & be able to buy his parents a house.

Mom and Daughter Conversations

In this interview I am having a casual conversation with my mom about her life and how things have contributed to the kind of person she is today. Also having questions about family and how they have impacted her life....

Interviewing My Mom

A series of questions regarding dreams, hopes, and aspirations considering how being an immigrant effected the ability to achieve those things.

Hbu student

Talked about some of his goals. A little about where he is from.

My Brother and his Plans for the Future

I asked my brother about his future and what he planned to do later in his life.

12 year old sister, Valery, Talks about her life.

Little sister speaks of her past experiences as a small child. She speaks of the environment she grew up in and where she was born, giving details on how her community made her feel and such. She also spoke about...

What it Means to be American

An interview given by High School students, Kaitlyn and Natiya, to better understand what it means to be American

JoAn Peters and Tom Peters

JoAn Peters (55) and her husband Tom Peters (70) open up together about their decision to have an abortion during their relationship, their marriage and what their family looks like now.

Getting to know a friend

Me and a fellow classmate getting to know a little more about each other

Christopher Patrick Interviewing Mom

We mostly discussed her childhood, aspects of her life, and the future.