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Going back to College at 52

Hailey Crowe (19) sat down with her mom, Deanna Crowe (52) and talked about a brief run down of her life and how she went from middle of nowhere Nebraska to downtown Minneapolis. Deanna also talked about her educational journey...

Cory Carline and Joseph Torres

Cory Carline (33) interviews their adopted uncle, fairy godfather, and forever mentor Joseph Torres (58) about how his identities have informed his life. Joseph shares reflections on being gay and Two Spirit as well as his Indigenous Mexican and Oneida...

Marion Skelton and Mary Skoldberg

Mary E. Skoldberg [no age given] interviews her mother Marion C. Skelton (90) about her work as a nurse practitioner in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and the legacy she's left in women's health.

Interview with Erin Warner

Jake Warner interviewed Erin Warner about when she went back to college after taking many years off. And what it was like and the challenges

Ashley Choker and Melody Woods

Ashley Choker (38) interviews her colleague, Melody Woods (43), about her upbringing, her experience as a troubled teen struggling with substance abuse and the law, and her eventual recovery. Note: This recording has in-depth descriptions of substance abuse and domestic...