Diving in with Demitri Turner

Demitri Turner talked about a quote that he lives by everyday and recalled on memories of his high school senior year Physics teacher, Dr.Moore. He also talked about his sister, Tazche, and told us about some family traditions.

Discovering the Bling in Life with Francesca DiGiovanni and Susan Pescatore!

Francesca (15) interviews her Aunt Susie (52) on December 5, 2022 about their childhoods and how their lives have changed as the years go by. They discuss the difference in how they both grew up and their wishes for the...

Roxana Morton and Karen Ugalde

One Small Step conversation partners Roxana Morton (24) and Karen Ugalde (22) discuss major influences in their life, family, and grad school.

Journey through the Pandemic

Patricia Cordero (46) talks with her daughter, Jeleni Fernandez (20) about her experience during the Pandemic and how it affected her with work, school, and relationships. The conversation goes into depth on how strong she had to be for her...

Mi Casa Es Aquí: Alexa Morales & Her Grandmother Guadalupe Bravo

Alexa Morales (20) interviews her grandmother, Guadalupe Bravo (72) about her family's origins, childhood in Mexico, migration to the United States with her family, and family traditions.