Interviewing my mom

I talked with my mom about what she has learned thus far in life and how she would like to be remembered. As a mother of three and a principal of an elementary school, she has a lot of wisdom...

Jack and Wendy Vincent

Jack interviews his mother, Wendy. Ask about her life, how she grew up, and her faith.

Clayton Dixon on integrity, faith, and love.

Eliana Dixon (20) talks to her father, Clayton Dixon (62) about his childhood in Michigan, and his extraordinary life in Okinawa, Japan when he served in the Marines. She also talks to him about where his decisions in his life...

Mr. Green

Mr. Green is my former 7th grade science teacher and is now my advising counselor for a college prep program called Upward Bound. Growing up he faced challenges and preserved to get to where he is today. He has been...

Leonard Gillard and Cayce Kaufman

Leonard shares with Cayce his story about his father was in the military and they lived all over only to move back to his home state of Texas and how he reluctantly became a weather man to working in healthcare.

Trudy Alexander

Grandson interviews grandmother amidst advanced cancer

The Legacy of Grandma Luke

Some beautiful insights and memories from my Grandma’s life, Romelle.

In My Mom’s Words/ StoryCorps Part2

Mom’s perspectives on family, faith, marriage, and life lessons.

Interview part 2

Interview of my Dad’s family, faith, and military life outcomes and expectations

The Mother

Interview with my mother about her life, family, and faith

Transforming fear into courage and anxiety into hope

Pastor John and I exploring faith, the roles that we play, and how hope and courage fits into our lives.

A moneylender tells the story of finding God at work in his life & career

John grew up in a family of educators. While he considered becoming a pastor, he concluded, "I could find my faith calling in other ways." He first followed in his parents' path of education, wanting to become a school superintendent,...

Brady Davis and Willa Simmons

[Recorded: Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022] Brady (10th Grade) and Willa (10th Grade) have a short One Small Step conversation. They share their motivation for participating in the program, and talk about how recent political events have impacted their perspectives. Other...

Panagiotis Apostolellis and Liz Emrey

[Recorded: Tuesday, August 30th, 2022] Panagiotis (49) and Liz (78) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Panagiotis is a professor of computer science at the University of Virginia, and Liz is a Baptist pastor at New Beginnings...

Claire and Peter Warton

A Bridge of Hope; Peter and Claire look back on their life together that began when Claire met Peter when she he was 6 and she 16 and how they reconnected 20 years later when Claire was a violist in...

Heidi and her mom Deidre Mick discuss her childhood, and important people and moments in her life.

In this interview, made on December 13, 2020 in Naperville IL, Heidi Mick (13) interviews Deidre Mick (49) about important events and people in her life. Deidre talks about how her childhood has greatly affected her life, and what her...

Marie Dunbar and Bill Dunbar

Spouses, Marie Dunbar (45) and Bill Dunbar (62), explain what it means to be practicing Seventh-Day Adventists Christians, discuss the role God plays in their daily lives, and share stories about their most memorable spiritual experiences.

How does God’s presence shape our lives?

A spiritual director talks about her experiences and God's hand shaping her life. At the very end she proposes a helpful way to look for and describe God's presence in daily life.

Grandma and Papa ~ 54 Years Together

We talked about how my grandparents met, their wedding, honeymoon, travel, work, children, and the importance of relationships, love and faith in God in the midst of marriage and life.