Sergei Eliseev interviews his dad Roman Eliseev about growing up in the Soviet Union and life

In this interview on Sunday, November 25, Sergei Eliseev (16) interviews his dad, Roman Eliseev (48), about his life in the Soviet Union. Roman shares his experiences in Soviet schools and his daily life, along with his military service. He...

A talk with my Grandpa

In this interview, recorded November 23, 2016 in Urbana, Illinois, I, Jack Larson age 16, talk to my Grandpa, Carl S Larson age 84, about his life and experiences. Born in 1934, he attended University of Illinois and became a...

Interview with my Mother

I ask question to my mom about how she did back in the past and let's me know what she wants to pass down to me.

Katrina Platt Interview

We talked about her childhood and important people in her life

The great thanksgiving listen

Interviewing my tutor about her life and the difficulties back then when you are doing 3 job at once

Andrew and Stephen Thomas

We talk about a variety of things including talking about graduate school and looking at the past

Interview with my mother Marvenia

Today I learned to always care for people and have empathy for others.

Wait you are 45?

I am asking one of my mother figures about how she got to where she is right now.

Emeshe Amadé – Women’s Story

A recent college graduate reflects on her journey from a small farm outside of Memphis, Tennessee, to Chicago, to Colorado.

Interview with Chelsia

An interview with my good friend, Chelsia talking about her past work life and current career path.

Karl and Manish

It was a nice breezy afternoon with Karl and Manish, two of my best friends here at NC state. We talked about our childhood, dumbest this we have ever done in our lives! It was quite a nice experience.

Conference Crush

Two environmental researchers discuss meeting at a conference, falling in love, and dating through graduate school.

Reflections on life w/ Grandpa. WIN socko

In this interview, the importance you f education, and learning is discussed. Along with how much in the world is not discussed.

First day of school
February 26, 2018 App Interview

This is steve’s first day of middle school

applying to PhD psych programs as a first generation Latina (part2)

Natalia Gómez’s experience applying to PhD programs as a first generation Latina.