The Great Thanksgiving Listen!

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2017 in Sparks Nevada, Savana Jobes (12) interviews her grandma, Janet Jobes (74) about her childhood in city she comes from. Mrs Jobes shares stories about what it was like growing up and...

Interview of dad

My talk with my dad was really good. There was a lot of stuff that I didn’t know about him

A Gypsy’s Life

This interview takes a dive into the life of my mom, a hard-working English teacher who has had quite the life. You'll learn about someone who has had a ton of turns in her life, moved all over the place,...

A Grandmother’s Reflection

My grandmother, a 73 year old woman shares her experience growing up in Ohio and her career as a female speech pathologist.

Applying to PhD psych programs as a first generation Latina (part1)

Natalia Gómez’s experience applying to clinical psych PhD programs as a first generation Latina (part1)

College and Becoming a Doctor

I ask my mom what growing up to become a doctor was like.

Rosie Owoc Hromanik Interview – 7.24.2018 – Shippensburg, PA

Interview with Rosie regarding her life, family, youth and words of wisdom for future generations.

Evie Scott and her father Sam Scott discuss his childhood

In this interview, conducted in January 2022 in Burlingame, California, Evangeline Scott (14) interviews her father, Samuel Scott (51), about his childhood and values. Samuel shares his experience growing up in a small Massachusetts town. He also shares about his...

Interview with my Mother

I ask question to my mom about how she did back in the past and let's me know what she wants to pass down to me.

Interview with Chelsia

An interview with my good friend, Chelsia talking about her past work life and current career path.

Emily Lei and a family friend talks about adult life and memories from childhood.

In this interview, conducted in December 9 in Plano, Texas, Emily Lei (16) interviews a family friend, Lily Wang (30), about childhood and adult life. Ms.Wang shares her stories of having a separated family growing up. She also talks about...

Andrew and Stephen Thomas

We talk about a variety of things including talking about graduate school and looking at the past

The great thanksgiving listen

Interviewing my tutor about her life and the difficulties back then when you are doing 3 job at once

Interview with my mother Marvenia

Today I learned to always care for people and have empathy for others.

Emeshe Amadé – Women’s Story

A recent college graduate reflects on her journey from a small farm outside of Memphis, Tennessee, to Chicago, to Colorado.