Walking the stage

Thoughts and feelings when it came to finishing school and walking the stage


I interviewed my friend Matt about his life with his siblings and transitional stage from Louisiana to New Jersey

Qualitative Interview

In this video, I interviewed my best friend and roommate, Alyssa. Alyssa I’d graduating this semester, and I have been cherishing every moment I’ve had with her in the last year that we’ve been living together. She has so much...

Interview with my Brazilian mother

We talked a lot about her life, some questions were about me but mostly it was her life. We were joined by my youngest brother halfway through

My Mom Wasn’t Able To Come To My Graduation
October 5, 2022 App Interview

This interview is me asking my mom many questions I had about what it was like when she couldn’t be at my graduation. She couldn’t be there because my grandma had gotten in a really bad wreck on the way...

From College Senior to Teacher During a Pandemic

Hunter Norris talks about how he graduated during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and how that effected him, as well as how he has come to be a teacher. He also discusses what it’s like being a...

Chloe on Dance, Friendship, and Future
June 7, 2022 App Interview

Chloe, 14, and Clare, 13, have been best friends for over a decade. In this interview, they reflect on their funniest memories, and also their futures.

Interview #2

In this interview i spoke with my older sister, Kaitlyn, about her post-graduate plans and how corona virus has affected her life.

Teenage years

We talked about her teenage years, and how’s she’s grown. We talked about her family and close friends.

Graduation Questions

Emmalee, a senior in high school answers some questions based on graduation and making her way into the future.

Great thanksgiving talk with Francisco gonzalez

Born in Durango, Mexico in 1974, My father has faced many obstacles when it came to finance or work wise, he traveled to the US to earn more money and to expand our family tree.

David Yoble and Jerrod Hysten

Jerrod Hysten (16) talks with his Big Brother mentor David Yoble (32) about their 7 year relationship and how much they've learned from each other.

Archive Oologah- Jamie Marrara

Archive Oologah interviews our very own Jamie Marrara to ask her about the significance of being a valedictorian of the OHS Class of 2018 and her high school experience.

Thomas Browder and Ed Browder

Brothers Thomas "Tom" Browder (78) and Ed Browder (75) share a conversation about their time in the military and about how they came to coincidentally meet each other on the other side of the world.

Nestor Mendez: A Story of Redemption through Education

Nestor Mendez was on the verge of dropping out of high school, and struggled with suicidal ideation, until he met teachers who changed his path in life

Confessions From High School Teenagers

A group of friends coming together to laugh and discuss what high school was like and how they feel about it.

Dad’s adventures

Vijai Singh, my dad, talks about some of his wildest adventures growing up as a child, along with the challenges he had to face.