Nestor Mendez: A Story of Redemption through Education

Nestor Mendez was on the verge of dropping out of high school, and struggled with suicidal ideation, until he met teachers who changed his path in life

Dad’s adventures

Vijai Singh, my dad, talks about some of his wildest adventures growing up as a child, along with the challenges he had to face.

COVID-19: Eric Robinson

Eric Robinson talks about how difficult it has been to watch his son, a senior in high school in March 2020, grappled with the disappointments of the Covid-19 shutdowns. Because of the nationwide stay-at-home orders all three of his sons...

Ebony Clark and Braxton Parker

Ebony Clark (47) speaks with her son Braxton Parker (22) about his time in the National Guard. They reflect on Braxton leaving home for basic training, the friendships he made during that time, and what makes their bond as mother...

Confessions From High School Teenagers

A group of friends coming together to laugh and discuss what high school was like and how they feel about it.

Thomas Browder and Ed Browder

Brothers Thomas "Tom" Browder (78) and Ed Browder (75) share a conversation about their time in the military and about how they came to coincidentally meet each other on the other side of the world.

Sisters view

We talked about things about what her future holds and more

Loren & Veneta Lesher- 1957

Loren (age 94) and Veneta (age 90) have been married over 70 years. They are sharing stories from each year of their lives together. This interview covers the year 1957, their fifth year of marriage.

Hunter and Avery interview

Hunter and Avery talks about Avery’s life post-graduation


My mom answered my questions to reflect on her favorite memory of me, and to share what she looks forward to in the future from both my brother and I (Hailee Risner).

Pushing Through

How her diagnosis has caused her to struggle but she pushed through.

Great thanksgiving talk with Francisco gonzalez

Born in Durango, Mexico in 1974, My father has faced many obstacles when it came to finance or work wise, he traveled to the US to earn more money and to expand our family tree.

From College Senior to Teacher During a Pandemic

Hunter Norris talks about how he graduated during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 and how that effected him, as well as how he has come to be a teacher. He also discusses what it’s like being a...