Will and Paul Song

Dad and son talking Toyota’s and graduation and summer.

My Dad’s life

We talked about who he missed and it touched my heart. His happiest moment of me touched my heart too. I learned so much I didn’t know about his childhood and especially his occupations.

Katy Jane Rozas

Katy Jane Rozas: 2021-04-13 15:24:09. A sincere chat with a teacher, mentor, and guide. From a place of gratitude, I wanted to reach out to a teacher that will forever be in my life book. Janeal not only pushed me...

Class of 2018 Interview

We talked about graduating, senior year, our future, and reflected on our high school experience.

Hannah and Mr. Truong

Hannah and Mr. Truong talk about the past, present, and future as she is set to graduate in a few weeks.

Archive Oologah- Thomas Wolters

Archive Oologah interviews Thomas Wolters, a valedictorian for Oologah High School class of 2018 about his high school experience and the significance of being named valedictorian.

The 2020 Experience- The Challenges of a COVID Bride and a Healthcare Worker

A personal interview between brother and sister and the mental and emotional challenges that 2020 has posed: cancelled med school graduation, cancelled wedding, starting residency amidst a pandemic, and a whole abundance of emotions throughout.

Leaving High School

Emma M. interviews her classmate & friend Nick G. about his feelings about leaving high school.

Graduation Process Interview- Rafid

I interview my friend Yakub about his process of graduating from university.

after highschool plans

how original plans after highschool changed.

Mom and daughter

We talked about her life and traditions and what she wanted to do when she was older. She also told me about her happiest moments in life like when she got married and the birth of her 3 daughters.

Hunter and Avery interview

Hunter and Avery talks about Avery’s life post-graduation

Sisters view

We talked about things about what her future holds and more


My mom answered my questions to reflect on her favorite memory of me, and to share what she looks forward to in the future from both my brother and I (Hailee Risner).

Pushing Through

How her diagnosis has caused her to struggle but she pushed through.


I interviewed my friend Matt about his life with his siblings and transitional stage from Louisiana to New Jersey