Joan Marlowe

I talked to my grandmother about her life

Interview with my Gigi

My Gigi is my dad’s mother and is probably one of the most genuine people I know.

Sister interview

Sisters talk about their grandmother. One is rushing through the moments

Molly Interviews Grandma Sheila

Molly interviews her grandmother about her memories and her family. December 2, 2017.

Nana and Brylin

Brylin and his grandmother do an interview for the great thanksgiving listen.

Jenny and Emma talk about the jumper Jenny’s grandmother made her that she never wanted to wear.

“The jumper had a little bib on it…like overalls, but not like overalls.” When Jenny (on the right) is in middle school, her grandmother, a tailor, makes her an ill-fated jumper. Despite hiding it in the back of her closet,...

My Mi-mi

This is an interview with my grandma Tone Frivoll

Attitude of Gratitude Frew

This is an interview with my 76-year-old grandmother on Thanksgiving, 2017

Great Thanksgiving Listen
November 22, 2017 App Interview

This is an interview with my grandmother, Patricia Ryan Hennen. She was born on July 31, 1944 in Farmington, Minnesota. She grew up as the oldest child in a house full of brothers. Though she has gone through a lot,...

Granddaughter Ashley Paffett and Grandmother Sandra Spitz talk about growing up

This interview was conducted on November 30, 2020 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Interviewer/Granddaughter, Ashley Paffett (16), talks to her Grandmother, Sandra Spitz (71), about what it was like growing up in Ohio and moving to New Mexico. They also talk...

About my grandmother

This interview is about my grandmother’s experiences in life. What is her childhood, and what historical events that she experienced in China.

Female President

Ini Efiom-Ekaha had 6 children that she raised to become very successful. Throughout this journey, she learned French, became the first female president of her insurance agency, and became a member of the Risk Management Society.

The Interview

I learned a lot of new things about my mom. I also had a great time trying to practice the Interview.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2015

Abbie Porto interviews her grandmother, Sharon Stickle, about stories of ancestors and the importance of family.

AMST Final Interview

This story is all about my grandmother discussing her experience and thought on receiving her citizenship, and the U.S. Government. The interview also includes pieces of her past experience with the government in Mexico.

"It's not the money in the bank, it's the money in the relationships with your family that matter most."

I interviewed my grandfather about his life. We enjoyed a good conversation where I got to learn new things about him and while we enjoyed some quality bonding time together.

“P is for Patience”

In this interview, made in November of 2018 in EHT, New Jersey. Diane Winfield (64) is a grandmother of 6 and a single mother of 3. Samantha Vogt (16) interviews her grandmother and asks about Diane's early memories of her...

A mother’s connection

This interview is about my mom and the memories that she has and who is important in her life.

Closing into the Unknown Secrets of my Grandmother

In this interview, conducted on November 30th, 2019 in Valley Village, California, David Lee (이한빈) interviews his maternal grandmother Sang-shim Kim (김상심, ≈70), encompassing a variety of topics. She talks about her childhood, school, dream, marriage, daughter (David’s mother). She...

Thanksgiving interview

My grandmother and I discussing her childhood and spirituality

The Great Thanksgiving Listen FB.

This is about all the events that have occurred throughout the life of my grandmother starting from her love life, her boyfriend, her parents, and even when she came to this country and much more. Hope you enjoy!!