My Moms life
August 15, 2022 App Interview

Monica San Miguel, 40 years old and there my mom. I asked my mom questions on how she was growing up.

Learning about M

Today I got to learn about someone who is very important to me. I got to learn about her life accomplishments, struggles and everything that goes along with that. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to have such a hard-working,...

Marie Gross – June 30, 2019

This was a nice talk. Mom was a little apprehensive at first because she’s not much for talking about herself, but we started having fun once we got going.

The Canadian Life

The life of a Canadian moving to Canada from Italy and living his life.

English project

Talked about how certain events and people have changed my dad.

My Story

A quick peek of Fernando’s family life, beliefs, and how they shaped his life

Papa Jim & Nanny Cheryl

I interviewed my fiancé’s maternal grandparents on Thanksgiving Day.

Ann’s life

My mom talked about the dumbest thing she did and who her favorite child was and how her personality was when she was a child

Sherry Savarino on accomplishments, overcoming obstacles, and learning in her job

Alaina Roberts interviewed her grandma, Sherry Savarino for the Great Thanksgiving Listen, and learned about how her grandparents met, what her mom was like when she was little, and about how Sherry has and will keep overcoming change.

my mom’s life

what I had learned about my mother yvette today is that she hated school and chose a job that had the least writing and note taking and honestly don't blame her but I'm proud that she still continued to go...

Love What You Do

Marissa Ford played teacher with her teddy bears during her very little free time from her prestigious gymnastics career. In a way, her life hasn’t changed that much since she was little.

The Life Of A Hardworking Mother

A mother's life is her young ones. Erika Gonzalez is a dedicated mother of 4 youngsters. Interview by her daughter Madison Holden, Erika gave some information about her kids and her life as a mother. Erika couldn't consider anything she...

Father’s immigration Story

America didn’t live up to they hype he was expecting but he was none the less able to complete his dreams and now have new dreams to fullfil

A teacher’s progression

This is a summary of Scott’s road from an intern, to an assistant head at a prestiges private school.