Multimedia Storytelling

During this interview we talked about his memories and experiences in the military, and how his military background Impacted society in a positive way.

Story of my dad
November 28, 2018 App Interview

Talking to my dad about his life growing up and the tough decisions he had to make for our family and country that have lead to where I am living right now and is the reason I have all of...

Grady Coulter talks

In this interview, conducted in December 2021 in Alexandria, Louisiana, Tamaya Eli (18) interviews her grandpa (73) about accomplishments that made him proud. Mr. Grady also shares the important people in his life and his greatest influence. Mr. Grady also...


Interview with my grandfather for history class. Questions about how life was like when they were younger and how the times have changed.

Joshua Klein interviews his father, Travis Klein for the Great Thanksgiving Listen project.

During my interview with my dad, Travis Klein, conducted on December, 10, 2017, he talked about his life growing up and how his life progressed until now. He grew up near Jamestown, New York. He talked about his military experience...


This experience was very amazing to see how my aunt and uncle had gotten together how they felt there experiences have impacted them etc.

A Veteran Story

This is an interview with my dad who is a veteran. We talked out how he joined the military.

English Thanksgiving Interview

Talked to Grandpa about his early life, family life, and love life.

RADM. Anselmo Legaspi

My grandfather describes his childhood, his service in the Philippine Navy, and how he rose from the bottom to the top — including everything in between.

Poppy & Lex

it was my poppy’s birthday today! he’s 73! we talked for a good bit about my grama and his military service.

Taylor Adams Interview

Talking to my great grandfather who lived during WW2 and served between Korea and Vietnam

One Man’s Military Service

We discussed some aspects of my father’s military life and important life lessons he learned.

Stories from the Pilot of the Last Plane out of Saigon

We talked with Mr. Greg Chase, who served in the Vietnam War and flew the last military C 130 out of Saigon.

Service in the Military and the Gulf war

We talked about how my Dad served in the military and his point of view about the military and serving in the Gulf war

A Journey Through the Mind of Mr. Quincy

During Mr. Quincy's 20 years of experience in the military, we can see some of the life lessons that benefited him, including self discipline, life management, reading for leisure and the importance of traveling the world. This is a glimpse...

Tuesday’s With Paul
November 22, 2017 App Interview

A sobering look at life in the Navy through the eyes of a Hospital Corpsman 3rd Class.

Things about Daddy

Father/daughter q&a with daughter interviewing. Questions about childhood, family, military service and parenthood.