The Great Thanksgiving Listen Project with Barbara Dierkes

Barbara grew up in a small town in Ohio. In the interview, we talked about her childhood, and about what her parents were like. We also talked about what my mother was like growing up.

My Grandmother’s Jobs — Teacher

In this interview, I asked my grandmother how she got to her job as a teacher and what jons she wanted before. She also explained what the jobs were like, and what her favorite was. At the end, she provided...

Interview with Cindy Robinson

An interview with my grandmother Cindy Robinson.

Helen Barr: From A Sharecroppers Daughter… Modern Day Superhero.

This was about my grandmothers life as the daughter of a sharecropper, and the advice she has for her family generations to come.

Leilani Ferguson and her grandma Salud Mangahis talk about her immigration to the United States and her experiences

In this over the phone interview, recorded in November 2018 in San Diego, California, Leilani Ferguson (16) interviews her grandma, or Lola, Salud Mangahis (75) about her settlement into the United States from the Philippines and her family upbringing. Mrs....

Interviewing grandma
November 29, 2015 App Interview

Interviewing 72 year old grandma Peuse about her childhood, events, and what she hopes for our future.

Grandmas life

How my grandmother has dealt with life amongst the years

My Nana
January 21, 2020 App Interview

My grandma talks about her favorite things in life and her least favorite.

Grandmas life

My great grandmother who is 88 years old telling me her favorite memories!


I am interviewing my grandmother.

Grandmother Interview

I interviewed my girlfriends grandmother.

Grandma lou

Grandmother talking about her life

History Project
February 21, 2020 App Interview

interview with my grandmother for history

Food Elder Interview

For this interview, I talked to my mom about dumplings. We discuss how they are made, where she learned the recipe, memories associated with learning the recipe, and more.

The Teacher

This is an interview of Marie Sasser done by her Grandaughter, myself, Clara William where we discuss growing up in a small town and her life as a teacher in a much larger town.

Intervieing my grandma

Talked about my grandma’s childhood and family

A Christmas Corps

Cousins Mary and Hayden Evans interview their grandmother Patsy while at their family Christmas party. Patsy offers charming tales and pragmatic life advice in her signature style.