Maggie’s Memories

I was fortunate enough to record some memories that Bebe has told me before. We had a fun, easy conversation that I feel blessed to share with others

An 82 year old’s Perspective on the COVID-19 Pandemic

I interview my 82 year old grandmother about her life during and thoughts about the COVID-19 pandemic.

Talking to Grandma

I talked to my grandma today and learned more about her that I have actually never asked before

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

A conversation with my grandmother and her man life lessons.

Thanksgiving interview with my grandma

I talked with my grandmother about her childhood and important moments in her life.

Ilana and Ellen’s interview 2017

Omi and I talk about robots, going to jail, and drugs...

Service Learning

This interview was with my grandma sorry if there was trouble hearing her English isn’t the best

Bertha and cesars life growing

My parents talked about what their life was like growing up and who inspired them growing up. Also they talked about when they first meet and what their favorite memories together have been.

Ammamma Tells Me About Her Life

We talked about what life was like for her as a new mother, her childhood, and her life as a grandmother.

Chi’s Grandmother, Boopie

Chi told us about her grandmother Boopie and how she’ll always remember her.

Interviewing my Grandma – Abbi Hunt

My grandma talked about what her childhood was like, as well as mine. She also talked about what influenced what she’s like today.