Alex Hernandez Interviews Elaine Kyle About Her Childhood At Colorado Springs

When I interviewed Elaine Kyle, we talked about her childhood and how different it was than how it was today. She talked about her parents and how she grew up. She also contexted that it she remembered the days of...

Interview with Poppy

I interviewed my grandpa - Patrick Pantoliano - who is 77 years old and resides in Hoboken, NJ. I was able to learn more about his upbringing and up to where is his life is now - a retired husband,...

Louis Semko Interview

This is a brief summarized portion of the interview I had with my grandfather.

Interview with my Grandpa

On November 11, 2017 Janae Salamat interviewed her grandfather through a video chat on Facebook from San Diego to the Metro Manila (Philippines)In this interview Janae learned many things about her grandfather. He described how he was in the US...

Interview With Donna
November 29, 2022 App Interview

Tazz (16) interviews his grandmother, Donna (78) (with the occasional pop-in from Roger (81)). Together, they discuss what life was like when she was younger, what brought her husband and her together, the values she has, and her perception of...

Harvey Lodish
March 17, 2020 App Interview

The seven Lodish grandchildren interviewed their grandfather (Harvey Lodish) during Thanksgiving 2019.

Talking to G.G.

Gwendolyn reflects on her past. Her past was a very good one, and she LOVED ths 70’s.

Connie “Baba” Ryan Interview

Me interviewing my grandmother on my mother's side.

Family history

My grandpa and I spoke about his passion for music, racism and more so tune in!

Grandma’s life

Sandra talks about her life full of love, loss and her faith in God. Interviewed by her eldest granddaughter, sandra shares parts of her life hopefully she can learn from

Rose Guterbock and Regina A.

[Recorded: Monday, March 14, 2022] Rose Guterbock (36) and Regina A. (65) have a One Small Step conversation. Rose spent her formative years in Japan as an international student and now runs a non-profit in Charlottesville. Regina lives in Vienna...

Dom Interviewing Nana Judy

The year is 2022 and the date is November 27. I am interviewing my Nana who is 73 years old. she is currently living down in Florida. This interview was conducted via cell phone.

Christmas 2022
January 29, 2023 App Interview

Faith Josephs Rosales, 35, interviewing her mom Robyn Josephs (71) on becoming a grandparent to her daughter Xochitl Rosales.

Frank Gilmartin on his 85th Birthday. Grandson and Grandpa

This is a couple questions about my Grandfathers life and the stress he went though and the good things he made happen.

David’s Interview

My name is Robert Coolbaugh I’m 19 yrs, today I interviewed David Fitch my grandfather whose 74 yrs. We talked about my grandfather’s 1st job, reasons why he joined the marines, and how he met my grandmother.

Carol Wingate – 9.29.19

Granny Carol’s life, childhood, passions, and recent cancer diagnosis

My Mormor!

My name is Sophie and I am 14. I interviewed my Mormor/grandmother who is 80.

Ahaha – The Grandmother and the laugh.

Ahaha also known as Gloria Sax, Evan Finamore’s grandmother, talks about her life, her lessons, and her becoming and being a grandmother. From growing up during World War 2 to being a loving grandmother, she is happy about her life.