Emma Brackett interviews her grandmother Ann Circio about her life in Central New York

My grandmother, Ann Circio grew up in Auburn, NY before moving to Cortland, NY. She grew up in a large Italian family, and had 3 children that she raised on her own. Her childhood was spent having fun with friends...

Double or Triple trouble

I talk with my grandmother about her childhood, found moments, and times she’s not too proud of.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about life growing up and some favorite memories. We also talked about raising kids and shared information for future generations.

Interview with Grandma
September 14, 2021 App Interview

I interviewed my 95 year old grandma, Velois Young. She talked about her childhood, her jobs, and her kids. I also gave her the opportunity to ask me anything she wanted to know.

An Interview with Grandma Isely

Discussing my Grandma’s childhood, parents, how she met my Grandpa, and more.

Interview with my grandmother.

In this interview I, Tyler Dooley age 18 interview my grandmother (Nana), Gaye Dooley age 83. We discuss her life growing up, her family all the way down the line, the the knowledge and wisdom she would want to share...

The Importance of phones

My grandfather talks about phones and how his life revolves around them.

Interview with Grandpa, part 1

We talked about his life and the lessons he learned throughout it.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my Nana

I interviewed my nana over thanksgiving. We had talked about her childhood, her favorite things about me, her work life, and even my Papaw

the great thanksgiving listen for english

In this interview, conducted December 8th 2019 in Flint Michigan, Leah Allen (15) interviews her granny Dorthy Allen about her family and stories about her family. She talks about her parents, grandparents and her son (My father)

Recording – 02-15-2024 19:29:38

Today i am speaking with my paternal grandfather who served the military 26 years. He has been a part of multiple events in history such as the gulf war, Vietnam war and the civil rights movement. He currently lives in...

interview with Robert Bridges

Dominic Custidero, 16, interviews his grandfather, Robert Bridges,75 about his career, possible legacy, and military life

Mamaw’s Story
November 24, 2022 App Interview

We talked about some parts of my Mamaw’s childhood. We had some laughs and talked about the funny bits of her life. I loved her hilarious moments and loved how she kept feeling like she was saying the wrong thing....

PSY230 Interview

I interviewed my grandmother for an assignment. We talked about her life and happiness.

Nanay’s Interview

Today, I interviewed my Nanay about her family, immigrating to America, and some of her favorite movies.

Grandma and Beth

We talked about our relationship as grandmother and granddaughter over the years.

Grandparents Day Interview

We talked a lot about his parents and grandparents coming over to America and many of his happy and sad memories, overall I learned a lot more about him today.