Two sisters talking about life

Just two sisters talking to each other about life and random things. We are just enjoying each other’s company.

Interview with my Mom

A conversation with my mom about gratitude and words of wisdom, It cut out at the end so sorry about that!

Jessica Reed and Holly Weinburg

Friends Holly Weinburg (36) and Jessica Reed (36) discuss their recovery journeys and their ever evolving friendship.

Aimee Adelmann, Laura Ellsworth, and Kristyna Wentz-Graff

Aimee Adelmann (32) and Laura Ellsworth (41) talk about the experience of having had kidney transplants with donated kidneys from their fathers. They talk about how the transplants have shaped their lives, the experience of being sick during their twenties,...

Attitude of gratitude interview Thomas Rintamaki

This is an interview with my grandmother about her childhood experiences, influencing happenings and her overall gratitude for everything and everyone that’s helped her during her life.

Persia Gratitude Childers

This was a short interview to get to know my mom.

Attitude of Gratitude Asi
November 28, 2019 App Interview

This is an interview with a family member about gratitude

Attitude of Gratitude: Gauntner
November 27, 2018 App Interview

Interview with John Gauntner about gratitude

Kathy Ross and Kelly Davis

Kelly Davis (43) has a conversation with her mother, Kathy Ross (71), about her education and career, family, relocating to Wisconsin, and the joys of retirement.

Paul Kennedy and Vince Whibbs

Paul Kennedy (57) shares with his friend Vince "Vinnie" Whibbs (77) about his childhood, his 30 years incarcerated and getting the support he needed to stay out of prison through the anti-recidivism program, Re-entry Alliance Pensacola (REAP).

My Granny’s History

My granny has told a lot about our family and her history. One thing she told me that was most important was to always love your family no matter the fallouts or disagreements you may have. There are a lot...

Lizzy Kelley and Wade Bishop

Spouses, Lizzy Kelley (36) and Wade Bishop (46), talk about their relationship, their life during the pandemic, and the message they would like to share with their future selves.

Aly and I Rooming Together

This interview is to show my gratitude and excitement of rooming with Aly next year at the University of Wisconsin Madison. We talked about what we are excited for next year and all the challenges we are going to face...

A Short Conversation with My Dad

My dad talks about what he's most grateful for, one of his happiest memories, people who have been kind to him in his life, and some of the most important lessons he's learned thus far. All of this is on...

Abi Barnett and Ryan Barnett

Spouses, Abi Barnett (25) and Ryan Barnett (43), share a conversation about their childhoods, how they met, their families, and the family they have started together.